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  1. Appetite sold 30 millions worldwide. 18 millions in the US As percentages goes Creed sold 52% of their records in the Us and 48% worldwide Appetite sold 60% in the US . A bigger percentage than Creed. So by your parameters Appetite wasnt a big hit in Europe (meaning UK) than it was in the US. And to be clear, I dont care about Tremonti, Stapp or the Alter Bridge/Creed rivalry. Creed was a bigger band than Alter Bridge is and probably ever will be. But if say Slash was doin theaters with Myles while Axl was touring arenas you'll probably say a different opinion of what success is.
  2. I'm not a Creed fan but say that nobody gave a shit about a band that sold 53 million albuns worldwide is laughable
  3. No I didn't. I compared with Creed. A Nu Metal band with an Eddie Vedder wannabe that was 100 times bigger than Alter Bridge ever was and probably ever will be!
  4. Todd is the best thing on Conspirators... And personally I think he sings better than Myles
  5. The problem is I'm aware... Much smaller than the previous band of Myles bandmates. And if fanbase is an approval parameter it would be better for Slash to have picked Fergie instead of Myles.
  6. Personally I think people like SMKC because of Slash. Doesn't matter how stock and uninspiring his solos are, they still like because its Slash
  7. Yeah... It's never Slash fault... The only common factor between the bands... Sure...
  8. Dont be buddy. My ears are well adapted after listening Slash solos in Conspirators records and the reunion tours
  9. I don't if I can post the link here. But search for Osaka 2009 as far as vocal performance, Axl is better than Myles
  10. The Story, Give Up The Ghost and Beer Creek are gret records!! The Firewatchers Daughter has some good moments... But I believe she lost a little bit of herself after Trump election
  11. Gotta disagree... The only thing that stops HS to be a classic it's the fact it isnt one. And to be better than Shotgun Blues is not a compliment to any song
  12. I gotta disagree. This is the worst cover of the band. Axl doesn't fit the song, Slash slide part is out of tune 95% , Duff harmonies has nothing to do with the song. It gotta a little better with time. But it's a weak effort at best
  13. If that's your prerogative, more kudos or power to you! I completely agree with you , no one have rights to demand anything from them... And they don't owe us anything. Like anyone can demand from fans and fans don't owe any band or artist, full support. Fans as artists are entitled to their opinions and their likes... It's a two way street...
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