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  1. ok, DJ is no more in the band , however you continue to throw shit at him, so the problem is you, Envy? Irrational hatred? Frustrated guitarrists and musicians maybe? DJ Ashba>> Slash
  2. I see a lot of "envy" towards DJ ashba, really no solid reason to hate him, probably" frustrated guitarrists"
  3. Going Down is Miles better , bring back Stinson cmon and bringing back Finck ,Slash sucks too
  4. duff sucks because since he came back he only delayed ChDem2 another 30 years he also sucks because it does not matter he is an employee like the others only that they use his face for advertising
  5. Duff sucks ,bringing back Stinson
  6. What? Bumblefoot = Slash whit buckethead skills Bumblefoot'solo is far superior, and overall Bumblefoot's work fixes that shitty demo whit May and elevates it to an epic level The same in Riad , Bumblefoot's solo>>>>> shitty solo un the demo (Finck n Buckethead)
  7. Izzy is back , and Addler too, thats real , as guest members ,pretty pbvious
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