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  1. I am prepared to get the hate I want to hear Axl singing "All I want for Christmas"
  2. Nightrain imo was a good opener in UYI era It started like a nice dream then turned into a sleep paralysis demon
  3. which 2016 Double shot you listened to as both nights have been recorded? I personally love the one where Sebastian Bach joins on stage for My Michelle, the other one is sloppier Personally I didn't really like them Japan 2017 ones, they didn't seem much better than the Apollo pro shot we have I can see where you're coming from with this
  4. I mean we do have some nice IEM's from 2016 from Vegas which are just pure blessing and the San Diego one from 2017 which is also really nice But yeah, in general, we are unlucky af
  5. Dude, GUNS released motherfucking Locomotive from a live performance. My god, never thought this can be real. It was really awesome and I am so glad that they did it.
  6. Please tell me it's gonna be Coma, catcher and RQ 🥺🥺
  7. As a big MJ fan and an advocate to his innocence, based on the reasearch I did, that includes looking at old footage with mj and kids, analyzing it, reading transcripts, looking at the background of all the families that have spent time at Neverland and literally everything that happened, it is a FACT that Mj was innocent. The people that speak about Axl hating MJ for the allegations are complete idiots. MJ was accused in 1993. Axl made that speech in 1992 at the VMA's. Axl, as any other human being that has worked in showbiz, especially knowing the tabloids that were around
  8. Thank you guys for pointing it out that it's "selects" My fast ass didn't pick that up initially xD
  9. GNR is going to stream some selects of the show, let's hope for some nice cuts. Here is a link to setlist.fm Looks like the show had a very solid set list. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/2019/vivint-smart-home-arena-salt-lake-city-ut-639d3227.html EDIT: I didn't notice initially that it said "Not In This Lifetime SELECTS", my bad. Thanks to the users that pointed that out to me, fixed it now.
  10. To be honnest he sounded good enough, not more you can expect from this style of singing at this age, tbh nowadays i'm happy and gratefull that they are alive and running 3 hour sets
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