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  1. I got bored today and I split every song from the selects and added proper tags and a cover
  2. I'd tell you but sadly these substances only work for people that don't have their head stuck up their arse. You're far away from them.
  3. The new Paradise City performance should be here, shouldn't it?
  4. Jackie Chan was better. What was the other name that this song had? Checkmate?
  5. Guys I know the truth, they are gonna play The General
  6. Objectively the song's lyrics are shit. They are edgy and I personally like them but they are bad. On the other hand the instrumental i'd say sounds good. Personally I've always been a fan of this song though the version I love the most is the 2001 rendition. "What can I do? With a bitch like you" Needles to say I'm happy that they released this.
  7. So, this just got dropped by the official channel Any thoughts guys? To me this sounds like a very solid performance.
  8. I am prepared to get the hate I want to hear Axl singing "All I want for Christmas"
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