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  1. GnR TV - the ultimate Guns N Fn Roses streaming service featuring shows from 1985 through to 2020, remastered in 4K (with the option to view the original quality footage) Live Era 00' - 07' Live Era 09' - 14' Live Era 16' - 22' (let's not kid ourselves about this ending anytime soon) A nice big legal fight to wrench control away from Geffen, which sees the start of the official GnR Label, supporting hand picked small bands, and also putting out the following releases: ChiDem 1 (2000's edition) ChiDem 2 (2010's edition) ChiDem 3 (whenever the heck that would h
  2. One of the many Slash Godfather themes posted to Instagram. Seems to be circa 2017 considering the use of tremolo picking.
  3. Jesus christ, where do I even start. Okay, so Slash sounds he's playing through a tin box, not a big beefy tube amp or 6 like we know he is. Having the tone rolled off in Estranged was a damn mistake, he did not retain as much clarity or warmth as he used to. If anything, modern recording tech being too accurate has fucked his tone. Old microphones had character to them, this is just DI and is dry as FUCK. Fortus was louder than Slash, it felt like listening to Live at the Roxy again. I don't mind 4tus' tone, but it needs more balancing. I could only hear the treble end of Duff'
  4. Just curious how you MyGNR Doomers went with The Ancient Gods P1? I struggled on UV, which is unusual for me.. I'll never get my hands on those UN gold skins
  5. Why does everyone keep saying these shows won't happen? Australia has been vigilant. There were 14 cases in South Australia and they slammed back into heavy lock down within a day.
  6. The problem isn't his strength though. An RSI doesn't make you weaker, it just makes things hurt. So doing his normal bends on lighter strings would just snap them.
  7. Something I didn't consider before: the time between the last and first shows of 2014 and 2016 is 664 days. If my predictions are right (Europe and NA 2021 dates will get canned), then that would be 602 days of rest for Axl. While I want to believe he'll return to 2016 form, I feel that it's just going to be worse. Gold Coast, be prepared for rehearsal level vocals
  8. 1. I genuinely believe Slash has an RSI (repetitive stress injury) or arthritis in his left wrist and that's why he noodles more. I haven't heard him hit his bends the entirety of NITL. More notes and less bending moves the pressure to his fingers and right wrist. The face he makes when doing major bends like in NR or Estranged could be a rock star face, but I believe it's genuine pain. 2. I've never admitted this to anyone, but at my first GnR concert (2017), I didn't sleep well the night before. I napped on the drive up, but it wasn't enough, so by the time we hit November Rain, I was d
  9. Well, family will be buying tickets. If I manage to make it to two shows, I'll periscope one of them if that's allowed at the time.
  10. I honestly wouldn't mind if they opened with CD, the riff just sounds like a concert opener, but that will literally never happen and for good reason.
  11. What a lot of people here don't seem to understand is that Guns have only been here once in the past 4/5 years. People will be desperate to see a live show, so I think they'll get at least 80% capacity. I will definitely go, because on top of it all, I've only seen them once. At the time, I knew the major hits and that was it, but they captivated me enough that I know their entire repertoire now. I'm 19. I want new music as much as the rest of you, but these guys may well be dead before I could see them the amount of times some of you have. NITL isn't perfect, but I can't exactly go see the Sk
  12. Cursed genie You get the UYI Boxset It's the two albums with Tokyo 92 and a t-shirt.
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