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  1. We all need to chip in and get a standard one so that someone can bust the fucker open and hack all 18 concerts out of the PCB that were hopefully left there by accident.
  2. This is probably it. You see a band once in 2017 and suddenly your entire music taste is ruined and you can't look your friends in the eye anymore
  3. I like popping in every 10 pages or so to see how much nothing has been released Why did I choose this band
  4. it'd be interesting to A) hear YCBM through the SIR#36 and B) hear it with Axl's '87 voice.
  5. Couldn't even find a clip of that one, must have been good! That was a pleasure to listen to, need more of it.
  6. you gots to tell me which one this is! I've been listening to them all
  7. Bored on a Tuesday night! We've all heard the song a trillion times. So what was your favourite? 'You know where the fuck you are!?' 'And now, and now we know where we are! It's good to be here, in the Jungle!' 'You know EXACTLY where the fuck you are' 'This little old black man comes up to me and my friend with our backpacks and about ten bucks between us. And he goes, do you know where you are!?' Maybe the one where Axl mentioned your home town? My personal favourite is the 'do you know where the fuck you are' from the Rock am Ring, 2006. Never heard it be that
  8. Man, even if they did an AFD5 reunion next week, Izzy would be gone again by Christmas. I don't care if the new album sounds like a Mariah Carey Easter LP, I just want them to work on something.
  9. New Rose was good, but I find Duff to be fairly consistent in his performances My Michelle was a lil airy in spots but still infinitely better than I could do! Great performance from Axl. Coma was an absolute listening pleasure. This I Love: I prefer Slash's solo on the Houston version but I'm super glad they aren't ignoring TIL, it's a personal favourite of mine. Out Ta Get Me: I wish to the gods above that we could have seen the Cincinnati version with Stephen but ah well. November Rain...I find it absolutely disgusting that Team Brazil thought it was acceptable to skip out on 'dling dling
  10. Do this but put the acoustic set between the Slash solo and SCOM. And force Axl to sit down for the acoustic set so he can gather himself.
  11. I love SMKC, sometimes even more than Guns (it's a complicated relationship). Myles' voice is incredibly pleasing to me. His lyrics can feel a bit recycled (I've heard "dark to light" like 700 times) but he works hard and takes care of himself. As for a new Guns album, I'll see you guys in 2055 when Axl, Beta, and Fernando all pass away in a car crash on their way to the Guns N' Burgers restuarant opening, thus releasing the vault from one set of greasy fingers to the money hungry tendrils of the label that will sell everything Axl had as 'W. Axl Roses's final masterpiece'
  12. Nothing makes my Tuesday like checking in on the mygnr forum after a few weeks to see the musical progression from 'absolutely nothing' to 'fuck all'
  13. Looks like the forum has discovered the sixth stage of grief; mania
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