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  1. I personally am terrified of this show. Pretty much determines the quality of the dates going forward imo.
  2. I saw them in 2017, was mostly going to pay attention to Slash, see if I could learn a thing or two about guitar. I only knew half their major hits. It became a rabbit hole, and has led to now, where I'm pretty sure I know just about every song they've ever made, a large portion of which was never even freaking released I'm turning 20 this year and I'm pretty sure I myself will not live to see them release something.
  3. Going with family to see them in Brisbane. I've considered getting Gold Coast tickets too, but I think I'll wait and see what they're offering first. It'll be fun either way, I've only seen them once!
  4. 'gnr sucks' said the man with the GNR profile picture, the GNR name, on the GNR profile inside the GNR forum
  5. The SMKC TikTok gives the complete opposite impression; lots of vids of them playing together in the studio (even with some new stuff heard in the background), and then the music video set up as well.
  6. Ladies and mentlegen We are due for a single
  7. I was fucking 7 years old when the last GNR song released. I'm almost 20 now.
  8. Has anyone been looking at Slash's TikTok? Good chunk of behind the scenes stuff.
  9. Both are clean, but only one is Mickey Mouse. The two simply don't equate, and a lack of rasp does not a Mouse make.
  10. Axl's clean voice is a far step away from the Mickey voice. Two completely different things.
  11. imo, TIL belonged in an amazing pentology between NR, E, DC, Atlas, and TIL. It could have been beautiful 😭
  12. This I Love is one of my favourite songs by GnR. Cringe, sure, but I first listened to it when I was 14/15. And that solo, I can never get the fucking intonation right when I try to play it. It's very good. Now as a result, I've listened to several dozen crowd recordings of TIL throughout NITL. The best ones were when Slash had literally no fucking clue where he was or what he was listening to. That improv (LA, Houston, Mexico, etc.) was the best he did for it. When he got more comfortable, he became complacent. I love him and everything he's done, he's my biggest hero when it comes to gu
  13. GnR TV - the ultimate Guns N Fn Roses streaming service featuring shows from 1985 through to 2020, remastered in 4K (with the option to view the original quality footage) Live Era 00' - 07' Live Era 09' - 14' Live Era 16' - 22' (let's not kid ourselves about this ending anytime soon) A nice big legal fight to wrench control away from Geffen, which sees the start of the official GnR Label, supporting hand picked small bands, and also putting out the following releases: ChiDem 1 (2000's edition) ChiDem 2 (2010's edition) ChiDem 3 (whenever the heck that would h
  14. One of the many Slash Godfather themes posted to Instagram. Seems to be circa 2017 considering the use of tremolo picking.
  15. Jesus christ, where do I even start. Okay, so Slash sounds he's playing through a tin box, not a big beefy tube amp or 6 like we know he is. Having the tone rolled off in Estranged was a damn mistake, he did not retain as much clarity or warmth as he used to. If anything, modern recording tech being too accurate has fucked his tone. Old microphones had character to them, this is just DI and is dry as FUCK. Fortus was louder than Slash, it felt like listening to Live at the Roxy again. I don't mind 4tus' tone, but it needs more balancing. I could only hear the treble end of Duff'
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