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  1. nope. QLD is doing fine, WA, NT, and SA are doing fine, vaccination rates are sky-rocketing in Victoria. Sydney however, is screwed.
  2. Honestly, the only thing that would shock me anymore is if the album dropped this week. After Absurd, life has just been an acid trip.
  3. jesus christ, guess i'm the only one who loves Myles. damn.
  4. my stream has to be bugging, i refuse to believe it
  5. It'd be kinda nifty to see DJ join Slash and Fortus for a jam or something. Maybe the DJ version of Better? I loved the piano in that.
  6. Unfortunately, it's just wear and tear. I'm under the impression that vocal chords don't heal like other kinds of tissue. Also, he's approaching retirement age (Australian retirement age that is). I mean, did you listen to him in the 90s? The 80s? If that doesn't cause permanent damage, I don't know what will.
  7. I am infatuated with the old version, it's really high on my list of top GnR songs (I find it relatable). What I wouldn't give for Don't Cry Extended Edition...add a second short Slash solo in there and you're good to go.
  8. What's it with the lack of setlists? Seems to be a trend lately.
  9. With so little information on this concert, they must have played Atlas, Perhaps, HardSkool, and Don't Damn Me with full rasp. That's the only explanation 😂
  10. When was the last time Axl showed up to soundcheck? I don't remember. Also, yay, finally a Club Member!
  11. Interaction with a friend. Friend: "Well, it could have been worse!" Me: "How?" Friend: "Well...they could have..." Friend: "..." Friend: "Never mind, it couldn't have been worse"
  12. I wanna say I like it, but I feel like a grumpy mygnr member will assassinate me. What can I say, I have varied taste! ...very varied taste. Look, I'm Gen Z, what do you want from me
  13. It really hurts to say this, but I think he should retire to a studio. I'd gladly purchase instrumental soundtracks composed by him, or any endeavour he chose to pursue thereafter. It just really sounds like live music is hurting him, and hurting him bad. We had some cool comebacks, 2006, 2010, 2016, but we can't expect that every time. His singing style is, and always has been, dangerous for the vocal chords. We should be happy we got this long with them all.
  14. Megan just posted a selfie with Slash, they're headed to the stage
  15. that is disgusting practice. if they didn't want people streaming it, just stream it yourselves for like 15.99 a show or something.
  16. Appetite for Distortion also tweeted that internet sucked, so we could be in for a laggy ride
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