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  1. It is not just hope. You are all very pessimistic. There are thousands of evidences that have been leading this to happen: interviews with 4tus, slash, susan, duff, fernando. Knowing that they have already started some work on the new album means that they will probably release something in a maximum of 3-4 years. A bad experience, like that of Chinese Democracy does not dictate the rule of events, mainly because the return of the old members creates a certain pressure under the band and the expectation that they know has existed since they returned. But, in fact, the question of whether the
  2. True, I forgot that detail. I agree, I suppose Axl still has a lot of new material from the Chinese Democracy era and Slash's work on his music was impeccable. Is to wait and see
  3. Do you guys think that they will release the new album this year or in the next? And if they´re recording and developing new and old songs at home (because of the quarentine), is it gonna be a good album? I mean, i don´t trust very much in slash and duff composition
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