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  1. Oh… I said I had dreamed because I could swear I saw it somewhere, so then I forgot about it but a couple days ago I remembered and googled it but didn’t get anything on it. So I said to myself “boy, you dreamed it or that was a Mandela effect”. I’m glad that that was real. Salt of the Earth with Axl and Izzy was fantastic so I hope we get that version of Mixed Emotions one day. What a song!
  2. I dreamed I was reading somewhere that at some Stones show on the Steel Wheels tour, Axl sang the backing vocals in the Mixed Emotions backing vocals. Don’t judge me, I really love that Stones song and surely Axl’s voice in the backing vocals would have sounded excellent. Please don't make fun of me.
  3. I think this is the correct one. KOHD was played twice, although in the bootlegs it is only once and is the same as in the Appetite deluxe from three years ago. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/1987/marquee-club-london-england-2bd65032.html
  4. Well, Axl’s voice on Suicide and AFD is mostly clean, really. Even live between 1985-87 his voice sounded like this, and he rarely sang with rasp. As I have said in the main post, the rasp in his voice started in 1988 or late 1987, and then it was excessive in 1991, and then it was balanced in 1992.
  5. Just a doubt, do you think Axl’s voice in Suicide, AFD and maybe Lies, is like in Rapidfire? I think his voice at that time (1985-87) sounds closer to Hollywood Rose’s Axl (I’ve heard practically nothing from Rapidfire) than to Axl from the UYI tour, for example.
  6. Yes… that makes sense to me. Axl’s voice between 1985-87 was quite clean and young, but with the constant touring, Izzy’s suggestion, and how wild the GNR concerts were, that may explain the change in Axl’s voice in late 1987. Just an opinion from me: Ritz 1988 does not define Axl’s voice in 1988. I think the USA tour in the middle of the year, Donington, VMA and Japan at the end of the year, are what really define his voice in that year. His voice that year was not clean (but it was much, much less raspy than in 1991) nor was it as high and tender as in previous years, but that year and 1987, 1992, 2006 and 2010 are my favorite years of Axl’s voice.
  7. 2001 was not Mickey Mouse. In that year he still had hints of his voice on the UYI tour, but it really was a CLEAN voice and reached higher notes than in the time of the classic GNR. That 2011-14 and 2017-21 are really Mickey Mouse is different, but in 2001 his voice was good and it would have been better with more physical preparation. In addition, in 2006 he could do any voice (low, medium, clean, raspy and super high notes) and in 2010 he always sang with a raspy voice, so your argument does not take into account that 2001-02 had good things and that 2006 -10 was a peak for his voice. But I do agree that his voice has undergone many changes. I think we could divide Axl's voice by epochs: 1985-87. “Tender” and quite high-pitched voice with little scraping. AFD was recorded around this time. 1988-89. Voice less high-pitched than in previous years but already with full rasp and more powerful. ¿1990? Probably around this time the voices of the UYI were recorded. On the album, Axl’s voice doesn’t sound much different than it did at the opening shows with the Stones or at Farm Aid. Pretty flawless voice. 1991. Extremely raspy voice, out of tune on many songs. The truth is that I don’t like his voice on that year. 1992. Raspy voice but less than in 1991. Axl already had control of the rasp and I think his voice in that year sounded incredible. His best year of the 90s. 1993. Not very different from 1992 but already his voice sounded somewhat weakened. I think this year he made a lot of use of his mid vocal range. It is natural that after two years of touring his voice would sound like this. 1994. Sympathy for the Devil. I think his voice sounds great on that song, but it’s no longer raspy, and it’s higher than on the UYI tour. 1996. The West Arkeen band song where Axl and Slash collaborated. It is already much higher and cleaner than in Sympathy, it even has some traces of his voice on the 2002 tour. 1998-99. Some re-recordings of Axl’s voice for Live Era. It’s already a much cleaner voice, it doesn’t sound similar to the UYI tour but I think it was pretty good. Those highs were of good technique, and they would help him later to record the voices of Chinese Democracy. 2001. He still had airs to his voice ten years earlier, but it is mostly high-pitched and clean. Those high and long notes that he made were incredible. The only problem is that he was short of breath, but with good physical preparation and rehearsals, he would have sounded so much better. 2002. I think it’s weaker than 2001 (but he made brutal high notes just like the year before). Although he sounded a bit bad at the VMAs, at the end of the tour he was improving a lot. Albany, Boston and MSG were good shows. 2006. No words for that year. His most complete and versatile voice. It was brutal and incredible. 2007. His voice in that year was weaker than in 2006, but stronger than in 2002 so it is a middle point between the two. 2009. Even though he was probably the fattest Axl we’ve ever seen, his voice was amazing. A lot of rasp but he also did some songs with a clean voice. I listened the entire Osaka show and it seems brutal to me. 2010. Better than the previous year, very powerful and scratchy voice 100% of the time. I think it was the last year where Axl sang well from start to finish on every show. 2011. Here the decline began, although I think that in some shows he sang a little like in 2010 but the damage was already done. 2012-13. Axl in autopilot mode. His voice is already the real Mickey Mouse but he still sang well some songs like WTTJ or Nightrain. 2014. A little better than the previous ones, especially the shows with Duff. Yes, his voice was Mickey but again in some songs it was acceptable. 2016. A pretty good year for Axl's voice. Sitting on the ‘throne’ I think he sang very well, with a raspy voice and airs to his 2010 voice. Then with AC / DC he took it out of the stadium—he sang perfectly during the tour with them. And then with Guns, he also did incredible but somewhat uneven; songs like ISE, WTTJ, Nightrain, TIL or Better were brutal, but SCOM or NR very weak, with the same voice from 2011-14. 2017. I think it was OK until July of that year (on the Apollo show it sounds like his voice from 2016), but it went from more to less across the rest of the year. 2018-21. Much weaker, more Mickey in his voice, but I think that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that he is out of breath, he can’t stand singing the verses and he gets too tired. As I said in another post on the forum, if he had good cardiorespiratory endurance and rehearsed, even Mickey’s voice would sound good. I love his voice from 2010, but the plus of 2006 is that he could bring out his super raspy voice but also his mid vocal range or the high notes of 2001-02. But still 2006, 2009 and 2010 were an incredible thing, I like them more than 1991.
  8. Although I agree that Axl/DC was difficult for him to sing (and it was great), 2006 and 2010 were much better. Specifically, I think 2006 is his most COMPLETE voice because he was able to sing with the classic low voice, with a clean voice, with a raspy voice, reached the high notes of 2001-02 and still had his vocal midrange. Edit: And compared to the early 90s, his voice in 1991 sounds a bit ugly to me, although 1992-93 was already god-level. But I still think 1986-87 and 1988-89 were better years for his voice than on the UYI tour.
  9. I think his braids from 2002-03 were with extensions, but in 2006 they looked like they were made with 100% his hair. Still, in 2006 he looked on fire, and he would have looked even better had he had his 2001 HoB and RIR hair.
  10. My post made reference to Slither sounding similar to Chinese Democracy (song), both being that modern hard rock from the 2000s, not to VR in general compared to CD (album). Although VR seems totally valid to me, I never liked the music they made. On top of liking rock, I like music whatever the genre, and Axl’s proposal with Chinese Democracy I liked a lot more. Also, CD at the end of the day ended up being an album of modern hard rock and Queen / Elton John ballads, so that was natural seeing Axl’s ambitions from the UYI recordings.
  11. Well, Chinese Democracy (song) is just modern hard rock from the 2000s, nothing more. Velvet Revolver’s Slither sound is similar, and there were three ex-GNR members there. I repeat again, few people criticize that Sgt. Peepers doesn’t sound like A Hard Day’s Night, that Some Girls doesn’t sound like 12 x 5, or that Physical Graffiti and Led Zeppelin III don’t sound like the first two Zeppelin albums. Even UYIs don’t sound like Appetite, so maybe there are some who say that the last song with a GNR sound was Rocket Queen.
  12. @lost un the jungle In your post of Axl photos in 2001, could you change what HoB says for The Joint later that year? Because those photos are from that (those) show on December 29 and 31, 2001. HoB was a whole year earlier (01.01.01), and in a post I did later, there are photos of Axl at that show.
  13. I think I explained wrong, sorry. What I was referring to is that his chin / jaw in 2001 seemed much more square and reminds me of those facial tightening surgeries, where the shape of the chin sometimes changes (as well as the nose with rhinoplasty, for example).
  14. It’s true, although I think at least he had jaw surgery before 2001 (from that year on he looks more square, Superman-like), plus treatments like botox that made him look younger in 2001 than in 1998. In 2002 he looked weird (ok, the photo I chose was pretty bad because he’s laughing and not the others), but maybe it was because of more botox, dyed eyebrows, braids and huge sports outfits. As you say, I think the most important factors to determine if he looked good or bad in those years, are the beard, hairstyle, outfits and definitely the attitude. Axl from 2006 with hair from 2001 would have been a crossover with himself from late-UYI Tour, I think. I even dare to say that if Axl had worn a beard in 2001-02, we would not even talk about bizarre changes in his face but only his age, hair and outfits (and of course, voice. Although 2001 sounds good to me, and at the end of the 2002 tour he was singing decent, and 2006 was one of his best years overall).
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