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  1. Or it should be seen as the Swastika was in use for THOUSANDS of Years and the Nazis culturally appropriated a Sacred Religious Symbol to the majority of the earths population for their Evil Purposes? How do you think all the 1.72 BILLION Hindus feel that their religion was used for this?
  2. https://m.timesofindia.com/calcutta-times/I-wont-change-my-name-Swastika/articleshow/1409705.cms
  3. So that clears it you are officially racist. You said the people who make up 47% of the worlds population have no right to use their religious identity because of “muh feelings?” So I guess we should get rid of all Christian and Arab names because of the religious slaughter that has gone on for the past thousand years
  4. I know a guy named Swastik. Should I tell him to change his name? of course not because the Nazi were a minority group that appropriated a religious symbol. So all Hindus and Buddhists are ignorant even though they make 47% of the Earths population and they are the ones who created the symbol and still use it today? Of course not. But anyone with that name should probably opt to go by a different name if they don't want to be thought of as an asshole Wow that is actually racist
  5. Exactly. The Earth is a population of 7.52 Billion. Hindus and Chinese make up 47% of the world with 1.2 Billion and 1.15 billion respectfully. I think the Hindus and Bhuddists would be more concerned about making the Jews feel uncomfortable then the Canadians. Don’t know the population Jews in Canada
  6. In Hindu and Buddhist culture the swastika is a holy symbol. On the holiday of Divali, Hindu households commonly use the swastika in decorations. Many Indian auto-rickshaws feature the swastika to ward off ill-fortune. Reverence for the swastika symbol in Asian cultures, in contrast to the West's stigmatization of the symbol, has led to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.[ The swastika continues to be used as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hindu and Buddhist countries such as Nepal, India, Mongolia, China and Japan. It is also commonly used in Hindu marriage ceremoni https
  7. This town is racist and needs to change its name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika,_Ontario How is California gonna keep all their electric vehicles powered in 2035 if they cant even keep the lights on now?
  8. No I said I stopped arguing politics. You banned me because you don't like my views as for the rest of your post . All I got to say is Ironic
  9. It's both I don't care because I do not live in that country and I don't give shit. Plus I never argued about Canadian Politics so I can not stop. The only things I know about Canada are 1 It's a barren tundra. 2. It is a monarchy 3 .The Prime Minister is a pretty boy who dresses in blackface
  10. Wrong I know what I talk about because unlike you I have actually been to the Border on a goodwill mission and saw first hand what goes on inside. You say all your insults to me without one shred of irony which is hilarious. Because it's none of my business. As 1. I don't live in Canada 2. I don't give a shit 3. I have my own life and am not obsessed about what goes one in another country politically You missed the point completely The pineapple is a beautiful fruit how dare you?
  11. No the point is that you believe you are right about everything and can insult and demean others who disagree with you because you are the owner of this forum and can ban people when they have. a different opinion on anything. It's why you banned me from the Politics thread and frankly I am happy. This ladies and gentleman is why we have Trump as MY President its also why Brexit Happened. Frankly I give up arguing with you about politics because frankly I no longer give a shit about your opinon because you have no power in America. If they have proper Identificat
  12. How do we know they are the actual parents? These people come with no identification. Do you know what Coyotes are? Then you don't get to tell people they are wrong to vote for someone or lecture them about a country they live in and experience the complex Socio Economic Issues that are unique to America. How would you feel if I started lecturing you about Canada and rooting for Conservative Party members to win elections when I don't live there or frankly care.
  13. How are the Nazis relevant to this situation? this is 2020 and not the 1980s A persons politics is their own fucking business everyone has their own reason for voting. If one is a Conservative and another person is Liberal why should that matter. I disagree with people and I don't see them as evil just because they have a different political opinion . Thats the difference between the left and the right. The left views everyone who is not them is evil. The right believes you are simply wrong. I know you care about American politics. So here is a solution move to Ame
  14. 4 things that are true in life. Death, Taxes and don’t talk about Politics or Religion with Family
  15. People who break off relationship because muh poltical are incapable of having a political and intellectual heart to heart. There have been studies that show that Liberals are more likely to do this then Conservatives
  16. We also don't know if they are actually their parents. I read a book about the Coyotes who exploit children and women by parring them up with random strangers leading to rapes sexual assaults etc. Sometimes the treatment people receive worse treatment from the coyotes exploiting desperate people into making a deadly trip then the ICE Agents.
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