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  1. Thank you my friend. If you ever travel Croatia or we meet on concert beers are on me.
  2. Well finally I am over Covid. Still have huge problema like ni strenght, no apettite, strange feeling. Out of breath. 2 weeks of temperature well never think it will be that way. My mom was also positive but she did have 2 vaccine shoots so shw didnt even have any sideeffects. Nothing yet parents of my relwtives were in high temperwture for 2 weeks with also 2 vaccine shoots received. Crazy
  3. I agree, somehow in my mind all started with Ronaldo signing. Since than Bruno invisible. Would love to see more of Cavani and Mcguire is just meme.
  4. Update, now I got Covid atleast my home test is positive. I am not vaccinated. For now I had 38.8 for two days. On both days I run home tests and was negative. Today I got positice result. My simptoms are headacke, my eyes are blury and light cought. I will have my PCR test on monday.
  5. I dont think he lost it but on live sessions I think that he is soloing just to give Axl time to rest. Also with SMKC I think it is more in process of songwriting because songa are just look a like and uninspired. He needs Axl/Scott to pull all of his juices.
  6. My daughter is vaccinated twice and last time it was a 2 weeks ago. Yet she was infected with Covid and she was in high temperature for 4 days. Luckily she is fine by now.
  7. As I said earlier I dont care about new music if there is no GnR soul in it. No message just random mumbling. If there is CD leftovers with Slash and Duff input than yes I will be happy to listen to. But it wont effect me on that level of pussy full of maggots. As a contrast I will point out new AC DC song which is including video just emotional dimension on higher level.
  8. Well, to be honest am I out of rage period long time ago and I will take any song as bonus. Album as well. If there will be another song good, Absurd, ok we survived worst like My World. What I do miss is unity, for example, Foo fighters, SMKC and others, they all posting pictures from studio with band members. I want to see that in GNR case. Show me some jamming or just interview with two or more band members. Not some back and white pre or post show edited pictures.
  9. Well, I watched some FPL game week analyse here and they were talking about how Ole is lucky. They will beat Tottenham. And now I am thinking they are right. If we win this one he will buy peace for couple of games.
  10. Even here in Croatia they are writing about Guardian naming MU FC Ronaldo. But still if you have some point to prove, prove it outside field, do 110% on pitch but complain later. You do not lose 5:0 just because you are Diva. However, if Ole did choose first 11 than it is his fault at the end. You or your stuff should know youre players their psiho, condition fitness etc...... For now I blame it on him but coin have two sides.
  11. MAybe Ole doesnt have authority in locker room now when Ronaldo is here. Maybe there are fractions that are destroying club inside. Dont know and I dont wanna know.
  12. Well, it is hard to tell, sometimes he have Balotelli atitude and than he is brilliant. But he is invisible for some time now.
  13. Yes I agree with you that midfield is problem
  14. I agree but I dont think they were in 442 much more 4231. In this case wings can be useful. Yet with Ronaldo, Greenwood, Bruno and Rash zhey did lack defensive part.
  15. Need just a different playgame mode. I am not expert but what did I see is they do not use wings, everytime Wan-Bisakka have ball Bruno is asking for posession. On other side Shaw is left alone in defence.
  16. It should have 18+ sign in the corner of TV. Ole sorry man but we need manager.
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