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  1. I can imagine it's something like this. The revolvers & roses logo Slash drew was on their banner as well. The specific shirt pictured is a bootleg, though.
  2. I was talking about the real setlist for the Super Bowl gig. As far as I'm aware, there are no photos of the Mexico setlist.
  3. That setlist isn't from Mexico, it's dated 1/31/20, which would land on the Super Bowl Music Fest gig. Also, it's fake, here's the real setlist from that show, taken by a fan at the gig. Some other points to debunk the setlist: It's missing the pyro-stars, although those are not always there. "You're Crazy" doesn't have "(slow version)" in brackets. "Double Talkin' Jive" is written as "Double TALKING Jive". Other setlists I've seen has it written with the apostrophe. "Hard School" is written as "Hard Skool", which is odd, why'd they change that whe
  4. New part of the interview uploaded just an hour ago:
  5. Wasn't a full album demoed? I recall hearing about that.
  6. https://www.a-4-d.com/t558-1987-06-dd-vinyl-interview-appetite-for-conversation-slash-duff?highlight=1987
  7. Oh, yeah, it could actually be that one as well, totally forgot about it. It was also played in the background during the Makin' Fuckin' Videos - Don't Cry DVD. That version is labeled as "Live" when it's even lesser live than the one with a fake crowd.
  8. Are you sure? I can't seem to find a Yesterdays single with SOYL on Discogs.
  9. Yeah. I've noticed on some single covers the song is labeled "live", while on others, it's not. It's pretty safe to assume it's the Suicide outtake whenever SOYL is mentioned pre-2018—seeing as it's the only official release of SOYL before the Rumbo Recorders version that appeared on Appetite 2018.
  10. Most likely the "Live From the Jungle" EP version. The same version has appeared on versions of the "It's So Easy", "November Rain", and "Live and Let Die" singles. I assume it's just one of the B-Sides that usually appear on Best of compilations.
  11. Agreed. They should've gone with one of the classic GNR logos, so casuals can recognize it at Walmart.
  12. This is what I was able to find from an old HTGTH thread - obviously, the original images are higher res. Sadly, I also lost my original images. I remember some fan made a high resolution version based on the covers here. As for the tracklist, Troccoli's test pressing has a complete tracklist: Something quite interesting, Troccoli found a single CD, different copy on eBay with a different tracklist, track lengths, and "Pretty Tied Up" is spelt wrong. This particular copy is dated 11/10/2005, and Troccoli's copy is dated 1/26/2006 & 1/30/2006 so the trackli
  13. Anyone got it downloaded? It's been claimed by SVT. EDIT: It's available for streaming on SVT's website, no English subtitles though.
  14. Marc and Jason have just published the first episode of "Marc's Vault" on recklessroad.com! They've also published photos and interviews alongside the podcast. First 20 people to answer their survey gets a signed copy of Reckless Road
  15. Always loved Appetite for Discussion! Was just visiting that section yesterday, I must say, it looks greater than ever. Great job @Blackstar & @SoulMonster!
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