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  1. @alfierose Okay, that settles that
  2. Who am I gonna suck up to now? GGs, dude! Glad you're not off the forum for good.
  3. I’m so fucking happy to know you’re still working on stuff! I can’t thank you enough, @FRANSAD Hope you’re well!
  4. It took all my power to refrain myself from making a sarcastic joke. I’m happy that you now know how to @ someone, @jamillos😂😂😂
  5. I read the name Ted Nugent and knew I was in for a laugh. Clown fiesta
  6. Based on a year reading through some of your conversations, this is how you and @Len Cnut appear to a stranger on the internet. Take it however you like
  7. The drive-thrus at McDonald's will never close, so the American diet won't really be affected
  8. If you can, then you definitely should. There's no way in hell this shit has blown over by April. Hell I very much doubt I get to see GnR play in Warsaw in June.
  9. If your post was supposed to be clickbait, it is working as intended over here! You could also consider making one of those youtube thumbnails with the text: He said WHAT about The Spaghetti Incident???!!!
  10. Gf (she's a psychologist working at a hospital) just received news of an employee there who has tested positive. Meanwhile I just received an email about the university extending the deadline of my master thesis. Weird fucking times.
  11. I did by the way read that Uruguay joined the corona club today. First cases have been reported.
  12. Yeah, we've been kinda unlucky here in Norway. Italy was for some reason hit very hard by the virus early on, and for a while the country didn't know they had infection. Loads of people were already infected when the first cases were reported there. The virus has spread like wildfire in the alps, and most of the people that brought the shit to the Nordic countries are tourists who've been on ski trips in Italy, Austria etc.
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