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  1. I remember that. I found it in an interview with Bach and George Stroumboulopoulos on youtube posted in 2011.
  2. I wonder if he posted this as Pence singing to Biden.... weird thought, but the lyrics could suggest that in a way. But then again we all know he's no fan of cops... so maybe he didn't get cryptic.
  3. I see that now. Stones, Springsteen, The Cure etc. But you have to admit its kinda funny (outside of obvious marketing and fan fare) to release a new song on a greatest hits.
  4. Why would an unreleased song be anticipated to be on a Greatest Hits album? Is it typical to have an unreleased track as a bonus track or something?
  5. For me the wide-sweeping and self proclaimed 'cancel culture' is a call for people or companies that appear to put on a false face (claiming to be standing for something they're not) to be leveled off their pedestals. It seems as though people are looking for authenticity in what they are shown matching what the reality is. But this really has no end, as we all have a persona, and it gets scary when the standard person feels they can be the jury when they are not held up to the same standards by the masses as celebrities are. I'm certain there is an addictive quality to it and it serve
  6. What do you ladies think a new album would sound like.... I've been trying to wrap my head around that.
  7. Artistically speaking I think they have needed to come to a place of completely reevaluating where they come from musically. They had tensions in the past with their differing influences and inherit musical styling, but that made brilliant work. (It’s almost like they were never meant to last imo) In art that tension can be needed to push boundaries. There is also a tremendous amount riding on this album. Look at all the fans discussing it. That’s pressure to make something worthy of their past endeavors. What would the album sound like nowadays? They are reinventing themselves he
  8. I think he was blatantly ignoring anything about new music.... which means maybe to yes? It’s like constantly trying to solve a puzzle. Being stuck in limbo is exhausting though.
  9. I agree. It's a reflection on how toxic things got for him. I do think he's been really discompassionate about Axl's mental state, having grown up with him. Not that its his responsibility to be there for him, but it's just sad to me.
  10. I have not read the book and don't plan to at this point. Matt's ego has bothered me for a long time. There is a lot of ego in his stage presence and drumming to the point of there sometimes being a bit of a cacophony problem. And how he felt he needed to be presented in the Making Of Estranged behind he scenes, with is wife silently sitting to his side like a trophy. This and how in the Fall To Pieces music video where all the scenes of him are with ladies while the remainder of the video is a tragic display of addiction.
  11. Does anyone who why the May 11, 2000 Rolling Stone article about Axl ('What Happened to Axl Rose?') has been removed from their website archive? Just curious.
  12. This band has never been about normality. Don't tell me y'all want them to start acting normal now.
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