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  1. Thank you for bringing some grey into the black and white - honestly!
  2. You are right: With Izzy and Steven on board they will be far away from any nostalgia ...
  3. The question is not who wants to hear new music - its quite clear most of us (including myself) want to hear new music from this lineup. The question is how to survive until day X is comming (if ever): feeling frustrated? feeling fine? feeling betrayed? beeing curious? Not all hardcore fans are frustrated, some are just curious ...
  4. Why should I? They make their own decisions: some I like, some I dont - some I understand, some I dont. I dont put so much feelings into the band, the emotional connection to me is their music.
  5. You might speek for a majority but not for ALL. Still there are fans seeing the gray between black and white - and thats not a matter of time following a band or forum ...
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