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  1. I saw two shows on that tour - Hammersmith Apollo and Wembley Arena. Wild, hopeful times.
  2. Just think - Chris Pitman will earn 1 buck in royalties for every 38 million times that this song is streamed!
  3. It's the album that turned me from being a timid little weenie into a timid little weenie who swears a lot. Thank you, AFD.
  4. Hmmm. It's not unherd of for bands with tiny back catalogues to release 'hits' compilations. By any chance does VR still exist in any form? And if so do they owe their record label anything? I guess that the answers to both of these questions is 'no'. The only way a VR compilation would ever be released would be as a contractual obligation to their label. And really, how many people would care about them enough to buy it? Not many.
  5. I've seen that vid before and - spoiler alert - the presenter doesn't think that CD is 'bad' per se (unlike the other albums he has covered on this 'regretting the past' series). He mainly found the whole thing pretty 'meh' and expected much more from it given the time and money that was spent on it. I disagree with that overall assessment, but I know plenty of people who would agree.
  6. Yessir. Metallica is probably the best example of 'rock group as corporation' around today except maybe for the Stones. Laugh and call them sellouts all you want, but you can't deny that they are good at actually getting product out. Ok, so actual new songs from Metallica don't appear that often these days. But even so, they release new material much more frequently than youknowwho.
  7. I can exclusively reveal that, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Use Your Illusion, Axl will be bringing back some of his outfits from that era. Yup, look out for a revival of the red Versace jacket and combat boots combo! And the cropped football shirt with kilt ensemble! The adorable 'Che Guevara joins a boyband' outfit from Civil War will be making a comeback too, and... ... just what you lot really wanted... ...loads and loads of tight white cycling shorts!
  8. A few years ago, I had my iPod on shuffle and playing through speakers at a gym. A gym at my work, no less. Just my luck - One in a Million started playing! As soon as the whistling started and I realised what song it was - lord did I sprint across the gym to turn it off. In fact, I went crashing into a table as I lunged to yank the iPod out of the dock. Oh well - that was a good HIIT session!
  9. I held my breath when I heard 'Ain't It Fun' played on a local shopping mall's PA system. Luckily, it was the censored, Greatest Hits version. (Yes really, I was relieved. There were children who would have heard that, you know).
  10. That version must have had more doh than the Pillsbury factory.
  11. Very interesting. I'll have to seek out that October Symphony when I have the time. It might be the case that whilst November Rain had long since been written at that point, those PSB songs might have had an influence on the final arrangement and production.
  12. I wonder if the pressure of delivering songs that live up to people's commercial and artistic expectations of Guns N Roses has slowed down Axl's output? Just a thought. Not saying that if he went solo he'd suddenly become super-prolific (it's clear by now that, in that respect, he's no Prince or Billy Corgan). But maybe he'd be less afraid to actually put stuff out there.
  13. I remember reading an interview with him, from about 1989, where Axl said that his all time favourite albums were 'Never Mind The Bollocks' by the Sex Pistols and 'Queen 2'.
  14. The Replacements could have been one of those 'alternative'/college rock bands that broke into the mainstream, like REM. Except, they pretty much blew every chance they had to breakthrough. Oh well, their unprofessionalism was part of their charm. As it is, today they seem to be a cult band. Tommy's solo songs are good, loose stones/faces type rock, but with a punk edge. I wouldn't say he is an elite songwriter, but he is at least on par with, I don't know, Duff. The rest of the CD era lineup? Good players, but they had hardly any notable songwriting credits between them. (In or outside of GnR).
  15. As others have said - maybe because it offers a glimpse of what might have been. In other words, if the actual VMA performance was in the same class as the rehearsal is supposed to be, maybe that version of GnR could have been a legit commercial and artistic entity. Alas, with a few laboured breaths on a live, global TV show, Axl blew away any chance he had of this lineup gaining acceptance. Showbiz is a rough old game.
  16. I see Axl and the gang three days before the VMA debacle (at the Docklands Arena, London). And they were in very good form. IIRC, just before that they did two festival shows in Europe the weekend prior, and shortly before that a coupe of shows in Asia. All well received (at least by fans). Maybe the peaked too soon and was tired and overwrought by the time they got to the biggest stage (the VMAs). This was, after all, his first attempt at any sort of touring in nearly a decade.
  17. Might as well go on The Simpsons. Celeb cameos have, sadly been the lifeblood of that show for about the last two decades.
  18. To me it's almost a killer song. But the chorus melody is very blah. For that reason - I don't think it would have been a good single.
  19. You probably all know this already, but someone might as well post this here. This gig has just been rescheduled for 1 July 2022
  20. Maybe the organisers thought that without a few female acts, the poll would be too cock heavy. Not surprised that guns have made it this far. All of their tours here this century have sold well, and Greatest Hits has been a consistently strong seller.
  21. It's an odd thing for his label boss to say. Having spent millions of dollars in to the project, you'd think that he would want it to be a commercial success. Wouldn't he?
  22. For someone who looks so silly... he actually has some surprisingly sensible advice! Kids... listen to Uncle Ashba. Grow your money, don't blow it. And don't get into any games with creditors - they will always win
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