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  1. Slash discussed how you used to just do the single before the album but now things are different and are rolled out differently prior to an album and that they were looking at all that. That part happened. He also said ultimately they want to do an album. He's been correct so far. Don't see a reason to doubt what he's saying. Same with Fernando over last 1-2 years, almost everything he has said has come to be true - he's just vague at times just like Slash.
  2. Ok, credit to Slash. He talked about all this in advance and it started happening. Covid clearly delayed their plans. Based on that, lets consider what he says as more reliable. First bold part - New material is the primary focus. Second bold part - He points out the rollout towards a new release is much different these days, and he's right. Artists will release singles many months if not sometimes a year before their album comes out. Third bold part - He says ultimately at the end of their plans a full album will be released and he says at the start everybody wants to do an album. When these comments first came out we all took what was said with a pinch of salt because we'd been burned before. Well what Slash said in those first and second bold parts has come true. Also, worth pointing out that in the 2019 interview where he talks about that leg, Hard Skool was sound checked and on the setlist for that leg but just not played. They've been working on these plans for a while and have started rolling it out. Feels like "soon" may be the word.
  3. USA is tapped out on Guns, anyone who ever wanted to see the reunion has had the chance multiple times since 2016 in almost every year since except 2020. In the UK there's been two nights of London shows in 17 and a festival show in 2018. Demand is bigger, don't expect a drop off in pricing. This time at least they are doing a show in Glasgow so if you're closer to there you can got to that show - Will also be different feel venue wise, the show isn't in a stadium, is in a big park.
  4. This f'n guy f'n gets it. You'll be the social media manager by the end of the f'n week.
  5. It's the most interesting the band has been since 2016. The reunion has had some clear phases. NITL Part 1: OH MY GOD SLASH AND DUFF ARE BACK (16-17) NITL Part 2: Appetite Boxset, Some small setlist changes, oh this acoustic version of Move to the City is intersting I guess (18-19) F'n Everything has F'n in it: Lockdown silence and WTF SILKWORMS IS BACK?! (2020-Present) We'll see what happens now. The reunion wow factor is definitely over and they pumped the AFD nostalgia well dry. Maybe they do something big for Illusions but they already play all the Illusions songs people want to hear. They either tour on the novelty of just existing for the next 2 years or they release more shit.
  6. To stop myself being dissapointed will expect nothing and silence. That said, they've shown the capacity to release songs now with very little notice. We anticipated Absurd only because of the setlist being seen for the first show and then they played it. What we didn't anticipate was just a few days later they would release it. After that it became "Where's Hard Skool?" because we had seen it on setlists for a while and heard them rehearse it in soundcheck repeatedly - even a couple of times with Axl. We then eventually got Hard Skool, again with no pre-announcement, it just released at midnight and they sent some tweets out. We also had the curiosity of OMG being on setlists in 2018 and lyrics being on the screen during YCBM on this leg of the tour. Odd. Could they do more songs/an album in December? Possibly. There would be no need to have any of that rehearsed or on a setlist as there were never shows planned for the December timeframe - only October & November with the Mexico and Australia dates. So it is possible we see something that hasn't been worked up for performing yet. This would be a truly surprise release as there are not setlists or soundchecks that could hint towards it. I see some people talking about the shipment dates of the physical Hard Skool release as another launch. It really doesn't seem like it. The launch of that single was two weeks ago, the February and June 2022 shipment dates are just them fulfilling orders. Other things can be released digitally in the meantime - it's not impossible. Like I said at the top I'm not going to expect any of that, but will stay a little hopeful as they've finally ripped the seal off and have started releasing music. They clearly like to try and do them as surprises with no fanfare beforehand, so basically once we're 6 weeks out from the Hard Skool release date, each Thursday midnight can be something to anticipate.
  7. I haven't heard this "insider" rumour. Love that the rumour isn't that the vocals are complete. It's that it's very likely vocals are complete
  8. If it gets us to a point where we hear unheard songs or finished versions of songs then so be it. Atlas is the only son from the Zutaut leaks that sounds complete enough from a song writing point of view (and Zutaut said as much about it's status in 01). Perhaps - still very demo-y. Not finished, the song is just missing something but also feel like it's one that shouldn't be hurt in anyway by Slash and Duff tinkering with it. Same with Atlas. State of Grace... even less complete, vocal take circa 2000 is scratch and rough. Who knows if this ever got completed or got pulled apart and used in other songs/turned into other songs. The rest of the tracks from those Zutaut leaks are instrumentals, sketches/ideas, complete songs with looping lyrics etc. We know at the least The General exists with vocals, can realistically hope there is more and hopefully they continue releasing music now to get this stuff out the door.
  9. They're clearly taking orders from buyers then putting the order into the plants. They're not expecting people to care about Hard Skool by 6/22. The release is now, people are meant to be caring about it now. The delivery of this physical media is just hardcore fans getting their collectible bit of merch.
  10. He's never going to share. He's just going to keep it all to trade with other people who have other unheard material.
  11. Yeah, a full album. The vinyl doesn't ship until December, orders already taken and the album comes out at end of October with album shipping near end of December. My point stands, physical releases are occurring months after digital release. GN'R are clearly taking orders on their product now upfront, before going to print with accurate numbers - possibly a lesson learnt from all those AFD boxes they failed to sell.
  12. Single or album? I can't think of any artist this year who has done a physical album release alongside the release day of the album online. Also, much easier to do for albums where you will sell through retail, where you will predict demand and buy accordingly - not easy for a niche 7" where it's likely a one and done print run just for those who put in orders.
  13. It would be funnier if we all just said who The Chairman was. Also the physical releases of the SINGLE shipping in February and June aren't a release. This digital and streaming rollout with banner ads on social media and billboards in Time Square is the release. The pre-order sales and shipment of a physical product is for hardcore fans. Only hardcore fans are buying a single on CD, 7" or Casette in 2021 - it's more like niche merch for fans than a release of music. The release of music is what's happening right now. Those products not shipping until February & June means nothing. If an album were to launch in December, you won't be holding a CD until a few weeks later and a vinyl until a few months later. That's how things work for almost all artists these days. Those products end up in the hands of people who want them once the release is over.
  14. Which is sort of why I could see something releasing in December. No tour dates were ever planned for then - therefore no need to include it on a setlist as an alt or ever soundcheck it on this leg of the tour. Only songs on the setlist that were new are the ones they released on this leg. They clearly like to release with little to no notice, no reason they couldn't do that again later this year. Difference is, with no setlists and soundchecks we have no way to see it coming at all.
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