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  1. Very nice news. Blessings to them. Good, happy story. Cool. https://www.instagram.com/mattsorum/
  2. https://www.metalsucks.net/2021/03/16/former-metal-edge-editor-gerri-miller-dies-members-of-gnr-kiss-motley-crue-anthrax-and-more-pay-tribute/ Metal Edge magazine She put some great bands out there in the magazine, day of magazine , lol. That was a big step up to be featured in her magazine. She saw great shows, interviewed great bands. if this is posted eleswhere, merge. I did search
  3. Interesting. These people do not earn continuous income like that. The top , the name of the act does, but not their band and other staff. Axl and NikkiS were his employers. I just really find it interesting how and who goes bankrupt. Ex. Toni Braxton who was not the band or hired staff. She was the name on the ticket. The car comment, ehhhhh., but Living within his means. Ok. That is his means so ok. Maybe Ashba went to the Duff financial school. Lol.
  4. There is just blatant, nasty, cruel undeniable RACIST comments. that is one thing Then there are things that are not politically correct, FUNNY AS HELL and of course, the delivery by the person or dhow makes a difference. Grorge Carlin would be canceled today . In Living Color would not be on the air. One thing ILC had I thought was too far was The HandiCop. It was poor taste. Psychical disabilities are never funny. I would not bother watching that Chris Rock’s comedy shows. .. Not today. He was just funny about the choices people make and jokes about ethnic groups . One thing, the N word needs to be burned, buried. The cancel culture. There is no redemption. No excuse that you said an awful thing when you were in 6 th grade and now you are 46, lol. Canceled .
  5. I have not read his book. I read ya’ll reviews here. The CovidVirus really shut down his promotional book tour last year. This year is no different in many ways. He should just get it out and do promotional stuff via on line and zoom tv shows. Groupie stuff ...ehhhh, everyone knows that stuff happened. There were no saints, no sinners . No one judging. Things I would like to know, I think should in is how his lucky breaks came about. His ah -ha moment turning his life around . How did he have enough sense to not go broke like so many who did?
  6. 6/5/2021 This Axl Show is coming on tonight, about 9 :00. this is not GnR, Breaking the Band.
  7. Oh that is funny @Frankfurt93 @Italian girl
  8. I agree with downzy. That is a good Top 5. Urgent. Workable. Doable. Must be addressed. The environment.....important, but I only hear of extremes. The environment has been an issue since I was a young child, only 45-50 years ago. I believe more should be done to have Americans recycle . My neighborhood does not. This is the very simplest thing. We need big oil, fracking, etc. Green jobs too such as solar panel companies, recycling jobs are environmental , modern, and more. Great for the economy. Executive Orders can be fought by the people.
  9. I am going to check every night night when I get home . Thnx. I want to see this.
  10. I agree. With this situation,NOW, we know the economy has to totally open for most things, limited crowds. Precautions have to be taken. OMG, Next month will be one year.
  11. I am not transphobic by NO means. Trans community need rights and they have that. They just cannot take women’s rights or infringe on women. Ex. Federal health funding for women’s health issues. My mottto is, “Do you Boo.” Unisex is not the answer. Would feel comfortable by having your 16 yr old daughter in the locker room, fitting room, restroom with women, men, transwomen, transmen, and male pedofiles. All any man has to do is literally put on some lipstick and say he identifies as female? Transwomen, situation is easy. There is a single restroom at public called Family restroom, Special Needs Restroom. Unisex one. Use that one. They do not want that though. Note. Transmen are not calling men, cis men. Transmen are not trying to go in male spaces of sports teams. Transmen , if they go in mens locker rooms, restrrooms, they know they better go in a stall . Go when no men are arround. Go in a single rr or unisex one, whatever. Mentranswomen do not want that though. They want to be in women’s spaces. men transwomen on sports teams is allowed by Biden Executive Order . Females cannot compete for scholarships with males so that is why sports are separated by gender/ sex. With men transwomen on the teams, they will get scholarships and are placing high , 1st - 5th places. This is the next big fight for Women’s Rights. I want Biden - Harris to stop trying to be the old Democratic way of include everybody. That does not work. I am sorry about hurt feelings, but the country is at stake and not fringe groups feelings . We all rights so we are all good there. Even. Biden is only going to be a one- term POTUSA. I would be surprised if Harris wins as frontrunner and I like her. She might have to be Pres for 2-1 years.I hope Biden can make it all 4 years, I mean, I am not wishing the end on him. Like I said, they to focus on about Top 5 things. The country is in a critical situation.
  12. Trump time was a shytshow from start to finish. To have his people ,rioters , break in, break up the USA Capital was insane. Biden- Harris need to address what is most urgent, doable , necessary, and not try to appease all genders by choice, ethnic groups, illegal aliens, etc. Top of their list should be: 1. Get Covid virus under control. Get Covid vax out . 2. Economy. Open up all businesses from churches to schools, stores, everything. This thing ( virus) is here and with all best practices and safety precautions, people and the economy have to move on. I think Biden - Harris are on the right track to doing this . I disagree with Biden-Harris on: 3. DACADreamers. Accelerate the citizenship process, but they must go through the process. Legal immigrants or illegal aliens, however they got here, they did. Now it is time to close the So. borders. Last wave of illegal aliens need to be sent back. Reunited and sent back. The caravan of 8,000 illegal aliens needs to be dealt with now while still moving in Cen. America. Send USA military to stop them now or let them know , no entry into USA. Border closed. Dr.Rachel Levine, a man who is transwoman ,as Assist Sec.of Health , was a wrong choice. Levine believes in children having puberty blockers and treatments no matter what age and if against parents/ guardians’ rights. Biden signed Executive Order giving men transwomen the right to be in women’s spaces of locker rooms, restrooms, fitting rooms, mid- high sch to collegiate sports teams, etc. Funding from Women’s Health issues has mentranswomen under this umbrella so funding will go from women’s health issues to men transwomen. Levine is over Dept of Health. We women have to fight this and silly new terminology of ciswomen which is degrading of women- females . Add men transwomen are moving to companies changing feminine products to be more inclusive. Always products already changed its logo. Feminine prod are inclusive...inclusive to women. Who else can they include? Lions and tigers and bears? Men do not menstruate , get pregnant, or use fem cleaning prods.
  13. Amaya

    NFL thread

    Looking forward to this SB.
  14. No. Not on. I will be on the lookout for REELZ if it is terun.
  15. I am going to see right now if it is OnDemand on REELZ. I like REELZshows. I missed this. I saw GnR BreakingTB enough. I did not know there was a new show to it. Thnx
  16. I think earliest possible time for concerts and things like big , public gatherings of 75,000 people or in concerts, sports would be Fall 2021, September.
  17. Sanity needs to return. It wont happen in my lifetime. Not in my lifetime.
  18. Tonight for dinner. Broccoli. Dirty rice ( from the Zatarain s box box and not from scratch). Baked turkey wings.
  19. I love spaghetti squash. It is a light, buttery veg. Great for another side.
  20. I do not know whether I hate you or love you. hate you because that sounds and looks delish and you are eating them and I am not or love you because of giving me taco ideas. There is so much you can do.
  21. Easy answer for me. Personally, Yesterdays is such a good song . Well written. True words. Meaningful. I have regrets of lost years , nothing immoral or illegal. Nothing like that, but just moving on faster in life. The song is really an uplifting song . Yesterdays got nothing on me...
  22. I think this might be a best possible approach to bring the industry back. House of Blues concert halls, club/restaurant like this caliber, Hammerstein Ballroom and places like that. The entertainers, income wise , who cares. They earn the most , but can afford to earn the least by having smaller shows . Sold out shows. Maybe pay per view shows. Concerts ONLY employ: LiveNation staff, venue staff, entertainer’s road employees and non- road staff, stage crew, etc. Many people who work with the entertainers or in some kind of concert capacity have been out of work. I agree with you
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