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  1. I know the noises are there because they didn't use any radio edited songs...just the masters from the album. I'm not sure if it's one of the"adult" songs or not though.
  2. This machine happened because Slash loves pinball...that's it. He's friends with the owners of JJP (the company that made the game) He has owned games forever. He helped design their last pinball machine that came out. This is a passion project for him. This is likely something that no one else in the GnR world really care about from a money or marketing standpoint or really any kind of business angle. Pinball is a small hobby in the grand scheme of things, but it has it's own passionate community that is growing. It almost died out in the late 90's and early 2000's, but it
  3. You have to qualify a song and then select what you want to play an actual song. Until that point it is more of a "wall of noise". It's early in the game's code though. Games get updated and tweaked code wise for years most of the time. JJP hired a guy to sink the audio with the video they were sent.
  4. Frank's drumsticks are in the game...I think his face is on them. He signed the sticks on the CE, so he's definitely represented in the game. It could mean they used another drummer or a computer instead of Frank when putting the new stuff Slash did for the game, which is interesting.
  5. Good question. Fair warning...pinball nerd talk might be hard to follow. The CE has: 250 more RGB LED lights than the LE A physical ball lock in the apron that the LE doesn't have A real mirrored backglass vs translight Axl, Slash, and Duff's signatures It has some other sculpts around the shooter knob and action button. A topper with more lights and a Soundbar. Mirrored decals on the cabinet that should look great in person. I love the look of the LE cabinet, but Arian did the artwork on the CE, so I'm sure it will look great.
  6. Someone else pointed this out in the thread, but I think what JJP was sent was probably video only, or was told only to use video. The pinball uses the studio masters for the music. JJP got all the assets because Slash is passionate about pinball and wanted to help make the best game possible. Slash, Duff, and Melissa also did callouts for the pin. Callouts in a pinball machine are all the audio cues telling you what to do or what you just did...like shouting jackpot. I get why fans are upset about no new music or live concert releases, but this is a niche product in a tiny
  7. I'm not sure as far as all the details and timelines go, but I know Slash first reached out in 2013. Most of the heavy lifting with the game would have been done in the last couple of years I would imagine due to JJP's manufacturing schedule and the fact that Eric Meunier was primarily working on another game up through most of 2017.
  8. I thought I would give some background on the game for those that don't know. Slash is a huge pinball fan. He owns games, and has games set up backstage on occasion. He contacted JJP around 2013 about doing a new GNR pin. He made this happen and worked a ton on it and got the rest of band involved. I imagine this is a passion project for him. Pinball is a pretty small hobby (it has been growing lately though). I don't think this was some kind of money grab...it wouldn't be worth his time for that. The numbers are just too small I think. In my opinion, Slash loves pinball and w
  9. I've got the CE version coming. I'm a big pinball guy and have been in the hobby for a long time. The game looks pretty amazing. Here's a link to the breakdown of what comes with the CE. http://store.jerseyjackpinball.com/Games/Guns-N-Roses/Guns-N-Roses-Collectors-Edition-Pinball-Machine.html
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