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  1. Your "0" key seems to be broken, let me fix that for you. This is Guns N' Roses, remember?
  2. I'd like to hear a finished "Oklahoma".. yeah, yeah, Berlin. It's the song I wanted to hear the most when "CD demos" was just a dream and nobody expected to ever hear anything from that era, ever. It always fascinated me and I wanted to hear it so much. Very much gave me "Yeah, he definitely wrote this in 95" vibe. Shame about no vocals, though. I'm sure they're finished by now since he bothered to change the title...
  3. What do you mean "State of grace" needs new vocals? "HAWADABEEDA DA SHEEEEBA HHABABABABA DABA DABUDAAAA OOOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAH OOOOOOO" Is the perfect lyric. I might even say it's among the top 100 best GNR lyrics. I seriously hope it was finished and we'll hear it pre-reunion. I love that song.
  4. Also worth noting is that Matt produced a track on Poe's first album around that time (well, a bit later) and Axl is known to be a huge fan of that album, and the song Matt produced especially.
  5. Totally agree with this. I want the exact same thing. I even regret hearing the leaks at times, I'm afraid they killed a bit of the excitement, as we possibly may know the contents of the upcoming release, in a much earlier and less finished form. I hope there's new stuff there and that apart from the CD leftovers they really did put some effort into it. Absurd is so absurd it's hard to have an opinion about it right now.
  6. Guys, I have this incredibly crazy theory, I dunno, you might think I'm insane, but... apparently musicians do this thing where 34 years after their debut album, massive musical success, many bands and albums, and a very long, accomplished career with quite a few stints as the world's top band... And you'll think I'm crazy... but it's almost as if they're not the same people they were when they wrote AFD? I know, right? Impossible to imagine. Shocking even. I'd even say absurd *wink*. We all know people *never* change, and success, both musical and financial, and extreme levels of fame have *never* changed anyone. As a matter of fact I find it shocking that anyone would ever DARE to change their preferences, musical vision, ideas, and *gasp* have to adapt to their age. I mean come on, you're all the same person you were when you were 15, right? It's not like since then you've experienced things that have changed your life, world view, got a career, family, friends and changed your outlook on life... Even worse, can you imagine the audacity of some people!? Some people EXPAND their musical preferences and listen to and are influenced by different music than they were a couple of decades ago. I know, it's a shocking, crazy theory. Hard to imagine. We all know we should Expect a bunch of extremely successful men who are almost 60 to record music the exact same way, with the exact same anger, energy and message as they did when they were half-homeless street kids at the age of 25. And shocking as it may be, a band has decided to not follow *your exact* vision of what they should want and how they should express themselves! We should probably sue them as a group. How dare they have a free will? Musicians have it hard. So many expectations, so many complaints. I wonder if painters have to go through this too... Ok, it was an odd choice, but when have they ever cared about what people expect of them? Didn't they get recognized as the kings of rebellion and "street wise" back in the day? Well what's this, they released a non-radio, crazy, old angry song with members who haven't been in the band for 16 years featuring vocals which were probably recorded 22 years ago... talk about *not giving in to people's expectations*? Like they did... when they were young? *yes I know I'm a sarcastic asshole sometimes... having experienced the same stupid expectations and we own you attitude in a past life, I can relate to them. I'm sure we have quite a few musicians on the forum who will understand.* I still really want this album, EP, whatever the hell it's gonna be. I also want a live boxset of the best shows from each year of the NITL tour. Edit: What I mean is... "Slash said this in 1995, Axl said that in 1999... bla bla bla..." Slash was a barely functioning addict and Axl was working out many issues in his life, none of what they said back then is relevant. Maybe Slash now loves this track? We'll never know.
  7. I'm being *extremely* optimistic here in hoping that we got HS and SW (sorry, I mean Absurd) just because they know that we know them already, and the rest of a potential album... maybe at least half of it is new material we were completely unaware of. Doubt it, though.
  8. I'm just thinking how the fk I explain this song to my friends next time they come over so that I can play it for them on repeat until they're forced to lie to me and say they like it.
  9. I'm just grateful that the band gave us a new inside joke. "Absurd" is the new, and ironically very much perfect, reaction to literally anything this band does. I love it. Almost as if it was planned that way.
  10. After my initial shock: - Just like HS, Duff and Slash made it "a GNR song"... to me this is for the first time proof that they are indeed the key to this, because I'm a massive CD fan. - Disappointed, I wish there was a CD boxset with the 3 albums and 5000 demos and 5h of rehearsals and that would end the CD era for the band... because I feel like this is still the CD tour. - I mean... I like the things they added to it, especially Fortus, he makes this song great, with the riffs under Slash in the chorus - I NEVER would have thought I'd miss "What can I do... with a bitch like you?" in a song... huh. - The mix is just terrible. Sounds like Slash recorded it as a Demo, but what do you expect when you're mixing parts recorded in 1999 with parts from 2004, 2006, probably 2014 and now 2020? - I have a feeling it's not Duff on bass, just on the little lick they added at the end - Hell yes Brain... on a part he recorded 21 years ago - I'm playing the goddamn lottery today.
  11. Can someone share the YT credits? Sounds like they left all the things from the 01 version apart from the chorus and just added Slash to it... the bass doesn't even sound like Duff, just the fill at the end which strangely sounds like it's a different part added later, almost as if they left a Tommy part and just added a small Duff fill to make it sound like he's playing the whole song. I just can't believe how bizarre this whole thing is. Is the intro guitar Bucket? Looks like the clean break is also still the original... I just... ugh, don't know what to say or feel.
  12. What just happened? Is this an alternate reality? Is this real? Is anything real? Am I in a simulation? There is no logical explanation for "GNR half reunion lineup releases new song from 20 years ago with 1999 vocals, it's "Silkworms", and leaves the parts recorded by guys who haven't been in the band since 2004" God I love this band. They just can't be normal, can they?
  13. All I'm wondering about is just how many unreleased potential albums, demos, takes, sessions, jams there are. Like how much do we not even know about? Let's see. From things I remember. Various 92-94 demos (all we know is "This I love" and "Back and forth again" and the 2 unreleased TSI tracks) 94 Slash demos. 94-96 Duff/Matt/sometimes Slash Jams 94 Wylde sessions 95 tapes with "Machine Gun" 95 Izzy/Duff tapes for GNR (not the solo Izzy tapes) 95 "Slash is back and we're doing great" sessions 96-97 Matt/Duff trying one last time Rehearsals with Robin while Duff was still in the band 98-99 1st planned album era 00-02 so many bucket ideas probably... 02-06 there's gotta be so much more left... 06-08 honestly, not interested because bumblefoot shit all over everything he played on, but still there's gotta be a lot of stuff recorded if he was able to create so many takes 09-11 the "oh yeah this band is totally legit a group feeling" era 12-14 the "got CDII almost finished with DJ" stuff 16-18 1st NITL attempt? 19-20 2nd NITL attempt? Imagine just How much stuff is there that we'll never hear. And most of these eras we know nothing about. The only snippet of the pre-99 stuff we got was that jam from the Matt Sorum instructional video in late 97, which would probably be an indication of what the GNR jams sounded like before Slash and Duff were out. I believe he was still in the band when that instructional video was recorded, although it was IIRC a month before he was fired. I don't remember exactly anymore, lost interest in this band because of the negative fanbase. There's gotta be *tons* more.
  14. Recorded while Duff was still in the band and possibly Matt, though the very last days of his time in the band. Sounds like a very, very early "Set me free" a bit. I'll take that, I'll take anything
  15. I just wanna hear "Machine Gun". All we got of "possible 94-96 GNR sound" info is the Jam in Matt's drum video. Curious what they had considered ready enough to record alternate takes of while Duff and Matt were still band members, and possibly have contributions from the tophatted guy too. But most of all, I just wanna hear anything
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