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  1. All I'm wondering about is just how many unreleased potential albums, demos, takes, sessions, jams there are. Like how much do we not even know about? Let's see. From things I remember. Various 92-94 demos (all we know is "This I love" and "Back and forth again" and the 2 unreleased TSI tracks) 94 Slash demos. 94-96 Duff/Matt/sometimes Slash Jams 94 Wylde sessions 95 tapes with "Machine Gun" 95 Izzy/Duff tapes for GNR (not the solo Izzy tapes) 95 "Slash is back and we're doing great" sessions 96-97 Matt/Duff trying one last time Rehearsals with
  2. Recorded while Duff was still in the band and possibly Matt, though the very last days of his time in the band. Sounds like a very, very early "Set me free" a bit. I'll take that, I'll take anything
  3. I just wanna hear "Machine Gun". All we got of "possible 94-96 GNR sound" info is the Jam in Matt's drum video. Curious what they had considered ready enough to record alternate takes of while Duff and Matt were still band members, and possibly have contributions from the tophatted guy too. But most of all, I just wanna hear anything
  4. Not true, he's mentioned many times he had great chemistry with Robin and that the time before BBF joined the band was doing great and had major chemistry.
  5. That sounds like exactly the type of joke Axl would make, though. I don't think the 2002 piano fast thing is Prostitute. Unless he's playing it in reverse, which seems a bit far-fetched even for Axl.
  6. I am happy that they could go bankrupt. GOOD! Nothing better could happen to the music industry than the total downfall and death of LiveNation and Ticketmaster.
  7. Management though, on the other hand... the way this was handled compared to other big bands is unacceptable.
  8. Eh, they can still try to weasel themselves outta transaction fees and the cost to deliver the ticket (both massively over-inflated of course), but the special COVID law specifically says "All costs must be returned" so I have hope that everything will be refunded. I should be mad at Ticketmaster, but... The way the band handled re-scheduling and cancelling is too much for me.
  9. It is an offer, but the mail is misleading. Many people will fall for it thinking that's the only refund option. I know my rights and have already sent a refund request. The whole thing is so scummy. Most bands have long since notified their fans about ALL rescheduled dates, no cancellations. GNR is GNR. I found out 1,5 months after the show was gonna happen that my show is cancelled because fuck me, right?
  10. I'm done with this band. " It has not been possible to reschedule the Guns N’ Roses concert, previously scheduled for June 17 2020 at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw. Instead of a refund we'd like to offer you a voucher which could be used for any of shows organised by Live Nation sp. z o.o., being on sale at Ticketmaster.pl For the regulations regarding vouchers please go to: VOUCHER REGULATIONS Should you choose to receive a voucher please let us know by completing the form below. Please remember to accept voucher regulations. " They are required by law to return th
  11. I'd like to hear the instrumentals too. The audition tapes are all pretty bad to me, and this one is probably the worst I've heard.
  12. Street of dreams. Don't hate it, just think it's the weakest link on CD and in the catalogue. Prostitute released version. Hate it. Love the demos.
  13. Richard calling Towel an asshole during the gretsch live stream was the best thing I've ever heard from GNR, I burst out laughing
  14. Well we paid for the tickets for shows we're not gonna get, so they already got the money... how about a payout for us?
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