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  1. It would be pretty cool if the versions on the single are basically demos and we got new versions of both songs on the album with fresher, non 1999 vocals.
  2. I'd really like the next song we hear to be a 6-7 minute epic, or longer. We've not had an original GNR song break the 7 minute barrier since UYI.
  3. If they play Catcher and Madagascar, along with the two new songs in Europe next year I'll be very happy. Hopefully we have a couple more new singles by then too!
  4. I'm from the UK so opted for the CD only for now. Wanting to buy the vinyl and cassette but ideally from the UK store.
  5. Pretty certain you won't. I think you pay any duty in advance as its a big company (Universal), also I think Royal Mail will only pick you up on it if you buy something in excess of £30 or something, but you've paid in advance anyway.
  6. I'm from the UK. I ordered the CD just to definitely secure one version, it came in at £13.49 including postage and taxes. I'll grab the vinyl and cassette if they hit UK shores. I'm sure we'll definitely get a vinyl release at some point considering we got SOYL on vinyl here.
  7. Just pre-ordered the CD, it worked out about £13 with postage and taxes to the UK. I had to buy it, I can live without the 7" though for $30!
  8. My guess would be the first Australia show, like how they kicked off the USA tour with Absurd. Start the leg off with a bang and help stimulate ticket sales. Then if a Hard Skool / Absurd vinyl single is coming out get it available to pre-order straight away with a late November / early December release date. A new GNR single on vinyl would shift big units around Christmas time. Then drop the album pre-order on Christmas Day
  9. You've reminded me how the other day I was thinking how cool it would have been for Hard School to have been on the Terminator 3 soundtrack in 2003 as a teaser to Chinese Democracy.
  10. They didn't play it in London 2017 which was a shame. My only other GNR gig at Reading 2010 it also wasn't played. I also really hope I get to hear Absurd next year, and hopefully they're doing Hard School by then too! #TheNextChapter
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