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  1. I would like nothing more than a new album from GNR but 15 original songs from Axl in 29 years doesn't fill me with confidence.
  2. Aint Goin Down (with vocals) should keep us happy until the 2030s.
  3. All the people saying it's only a matter of time, I wouldn't be so sure. We were promised a new Stone Roses album when they made their comeback in 2012 and in the end all we got was 4/5 years of endless touring and 2 new songs. Expect nothing from GNR!
  4. Whatever happens regarding tour dates I won't be buying tickets until the very last minute. I'm hopeful for the Spurs stadium London gig in June but I doubt it'll go ahead at this rate.
  5. I'm really looking forward to giving this a watch tomorrow at work
  6. Pretty depressing that this is easily the best thing to happen in the GNR world in 2020. Fingers crossed for more decent leaks in 2021
  7. I was referring to the bit about Slash being used in images of the band at the launch event.
  8. It blows my mind that this gig occurred just weeks before I started high school and somehow we didn't get Chinese Democracy until a few months into my second year in 6th form, over 6 years later! Reading 2010 eventually became my first GNR gig. This is crazy to me!
  9. This scenario is highly likely I think. If they return to live shows with no announcement of new music then all hope is lost.
  10. We need more leaks. I got the GNR buzz again big time after the August/September 2019 leaks, but now I increasingly don't give a shit. Release new music or expect your fans to turn their back on you.
  11. Someone hooked me up and I watched it today at work. Fantastic performance!
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