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  1. Nearly $1,000,000 per track. Money well spent! Does anyone know how much AFD cost to make?
  2. I love this point about senior school. I'm 30 myself so I'm in pretty much the same boat. I bought AFD in 2003/04 and got big into GNR. I would have absolutely gone crazy around that time to have heard stuff like Hard School, Atlas Shrugged, State Of Grace & Perhaps. It's criminal that only now are we hearing these great songs, and also makes you wonder what else Axl has in the vault that we have no clue about.
  3. If you've already received the boxset then I'm pretty sure you've got away with paying import duty. DHL got in touch with me regarding my LLAS order and insisted I pay the import duty before they would deliver it.
  4. Double disc for the CD version... but triple disc on vinyl!! It weighs a ton! I've already emailed them to 'complain' It does mean I still need to get hold of Live Like A Suicide though at some point!
  5. I bought Live Like A Suicide a couple of weeks ago from the Universal owned Sound Of Vinyl website, stripped from the Locked N Loaded box. The parcel arrived today and instead they've sent me the 1986 Sound City Session LP! Fernando was obviously working that day I noticed this happened to someone else on a facebook page and they got their money back and got to keep the record, so hopefully I get the same outcome. It made me think though, does anything ever go smoothly in the GNR world? Maybe on my next order they will send me out an advance copy of the new GNR album
  6. The Locker Leaks massively restored my love for GNR. Before that I hadn't listened to much of their music after the dust had settled on the London 2017 gig. I cant see me listening to much GNR in 2021 without an official announcement regarding new music. How fucking hard would it be to give us Hardschool?
  7. 'Axl' and 'a lifetime giving their all' should never be used in the same sentence.
  8. The General should play in it's entirety if you achieve a certain score.
  9. Who wants a new GNR album when you can have a $5000 pinball machine with a Slash Instrumental. #TheNextChapter
  10. We can always burn our own albums from the Village Sessions leaks, home seal them, and then imagine they are brand new GNR albums on Christmas morning. That would actually be less insane than being a fan of Axl Rose. #TheNextChapter
  11. Splatter vinyl arrived today. I have to say opening up the first 'new' GNR album in 12 years did make me smile. I look forward to 12 more years of nothing, followed by another Greatest Hits update in 2032 where they add Ain't Going Down on side 2
  12. Order dispatched on Monday this week apparently, according to my email.
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