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  1. I got into GNR in 2003/2004 and I never cared much for Coma until 2017 when I heard it live on the NITL tour. Now I fn' love it 🤣
  2. Anyone know where to listen to the complete Rumbo Tapes nowadays? I used to enjoy listening to those songs on YouTube but many of the videos have since been taken down.
  3. The next release is obviously going to be the $1000 UYI anniversary boxset. Then probably the NITL live album Fernando promised on Reddit. That will probably take us close to 2028 when we'll hopefully get a lavish Chinese Democracy boxset. I'd be amazed if a brand new GNR album will get slotted in somewhere between now and 2028. Move on
  4. It's the least we deserve having waited for new material for 12/13 years! The way GNR treat fans regarding new material, it really would be poetic justice for CD2 to fall out of the sky thanks to a hoarder or disgruntled ex employee of Axl Rose.
  5. Really £20 is the price it should have been from day one. Although like a sucker I bought it thinking it might sell out. I wish I had waited! Vinyl is crazily priced nowadays so I don't buy it that often. I know you're a big vinyl guy. I did end up paying about £20 for the Sound City Sessions 3LP not long ago though so I can't complain. Universal sent me out that instead of the 2018 Live Like A Suicide that I ordered and they said I could keep it for free, so all I spent was around the £20 that it cost me on import duty.
  6. I check the forum a few times daily in the hope of a repeat of August/September 2019. I have zero hope for a new album but I'd love to be proven wrong. My guess is that the next GNR album will feature vocals from the late Axl Rose.
  7. Splatter vinyl now £20 on Rough Trade! Reduced from £32 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/guns-n-roses/greatest-hits-58478be6-6484-4a26-939d-34c2526e8c88
  8. I guess that's true about not necessarily needing to come out in September. November is a common release month, before Christmas. I wont hold my breath though! I had Hamburg tickets for 2020 originally which I got refunded for, and I said I wouldn't rush to buy more tickets, but I couldn't resist when the rescheduled London dates were announced. London is only a half hour train journey for me. I certainly wouldn't buy tickets for a gig in a foreign country anytime soon.
  9. The band has been a joke for far too long. I bet they won't even manage to release the UYI reissue on time for the 30th anniversary, realistically they have 2 months left to announce that for a September release. I did buy London tickets for July 2022 though
  10. A big part of being a rockstar is putting the music before your own personal welfare. Do we think that Bowie had peace of mind in the 1970s when he was snorting Scarface levels of cocaine every day? It just so happened to be the period where he was making his best music of his career. Coincidence? I think not. I'm not saying Axl needs to develop a $1000 a day drug habit. Just that he needs to be the rockstar he likes to think he is once in a while and drop an album every 5 years or so!
  11. Can a songwriter truly have peace of mind when they've released one album in 30 years and haven't released anything for nearly 13 years? Also what about a singer who basically cannot sing the majority of their catalogue of songs properly? Axl has a lot of work to do to achieve non pharmaceutical peace of mind I think.
  12. The next 'new' GNR song we will probably get to hear will be a polished version of It Tastes Good, Don't It for the 40th anniversary of AFD #TheNextChapter
  13. I've just seen on Facebook they've updated the UK tour marketing video with the new July 2022 tour dates. They're still calling it "The Next Chapter" and an "All new show" Strap yourselves in people, The General is on the horizon #TheNextChapter
  14. 2x tickets for the Spurs stadium on the Saturday, the absolute cheapest seats possible I think. £166.70 all in for the pair. Block 452.
  15. I remember going to the 2017 London shows and spending a large portion of the gig convincing my mate that we WOULD be getting the new album summer 2018 at the latest supported by Wembley Stadium gigs 🤣 #TheNextChapter
  16. 1 album in 29 years is the greatest joke of all.
  17. Side A 1. Civil War 2. Right Next Door To Hell 3. Perfect Crime 4. You Could Be Mine Side B 5. Breakdown 6. Dont Cry (Original) 7. Locomotive Side C 8. November Rain 9. Yesterdays 10. Garden Of Eden Side D 11. Don't Damn Me 12. Dead Horse 13. Estranged
  18. A version of this would have been perfect for the AFD boxset. I imagine most non die hard GNR fans have no idea this song exists.
  19. Those top two promos are great, I have both of those. That artwork could easily have been used for an official release, even if they just slapped on a live track from the 2006 tour for the b-side I would have lapped it up.
  20. I was thinking earlier today that even if GNR had kept it together as a functioning band for the majority of the 90s we likely would have got at least one or two more albums comparable to AFD/ UYI, which probably would have made them the undisputed Rolling Stones of the 1990s. How is it possible that a band / singer puts out material like Estranged and November Rain and then not follow it up for 17 years?! It really is quite funny and astonishing.
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