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  1. That's a wrong move. Sadly his lungs gave up after that intro.
  2. So, they use the indiana and rio bootleg videos to celebrate the uyi anniversary. Take it down somebody!
  3. Why? I mean why you have to start another post on this godforsaken topic?
  4. st louise 1991, Axl's rant is really underrated though, in today's standard he would be called brave and strong.
  5. Very slim chance to be true but here goes: As he did during the last third of the presentation tour of the album 'Rock or Bust' , Axl Rose will sing again for AC / DC , although this time his voice will be immortalized on the next album by the band chaired by Angus Young . We remember that the lead singer of Guns N 'Roses replaced Brian Johnson in the last leg of the tour , but until now it was unknown that he would participate in the band's next work, in which Malcolm Young "will be present" . This was confirmed to everyone's surprise by Angry Anderson , lead singer o
  6. this is so beautiful! And use your illusion 3? Only in our illusion
  7. He once came to our country and messed up scom. But he's a really chill dude, gotta give him that.
  8. Bruce didn't want to perform, It's Axl who persuaded him to do the song. But yeah it's weird and the performance isn't half bad.
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