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  1. Another double single/ep with Atlas, State of grace and 2 live songs would be awesome to me. Of course prefer a complete album, but if the band will continue making releases in the near future like the Hard skool/Absurd one, that will be fine to me
  2. Preordered it yesterday and paid by palpal. Paypal says payment complete (not pending as usual when i buy in other sites), but the payment doesn't appear in my bank account moves. So, can't tell you 100% sure, but I'm assumming the charge will apperar in a few hours or days
  3. Maybe it will be delayed due the problems with the vinyl pressing plants? I hope not, but....
  4. Love this version too. Ladies and gentleman.... the band!!!!
  5. Just preordered 3 copys of the cd. 5 months are so far from now, but until then i'll enjoy listening to the digital versions
  6. Will it be an announcement of an album/ep today??? Fingers crossed
  7. Maybe 2 3-hours meetings this time. Or a 6-hours meeting. All things must be considered!!!
  8. Me. I just can't stop getting disppointment after dissapointment. Very sad 😅😅😅
  9. Absolutely no. The band have a very short catalogue. Being even sorter would not be a good idea
  10. At this point, even a UYI designed toy truck would be an awesome thing compared with all this crap
  11. Yestarday I was so hyped and excited, but after the no-release of Hard Skool I was dissapoited (again). Now, looking this anniversary merch I can say this is another shitty day in gnr land
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