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  1. IMO, Smile is, indeed, the best Beach Boys album of all and one of the best albums in general music. On the other hand, CD ia a hit and miss.
  2. His name is Aien. It's on YouTube, too.
  3. Normal, Abnormal and Little Brother Is Watching are the last albums by Bumblefoot, very GnR influenced. Argentina and I Don't Know Who To Pray To Anymore were supposed to be GnR songs and have the Use Your Illusion vibe all over them.
  4. You do realize that songs like November Rain used synths, not a real orchestration, right? But I agree with you about the production on CD.
  5. I also read on Slash's book that the original November Rain was 18 minutes long and they had to cut it down to fit on the record. Boy, I would love to hear it the way it was intended to be.
  6. I think Locomotive is brilhant because when it starts you think it will be a short, direct song, but it turns to be a hard rock epic with non-stop lyrics.
  7. I had fun all day colorizing photos. Mostly half nude bodouir of SJWs.
  8. Well, if you put a countdown in you site and don't expect to start a hype, I don't know what it is. Anyway, there should be something more. Faith no More is not used to let their fans down, unlike some other bands I know...
  9. Favorite band right there. They have a lot to teach to GnR about how a reunion should be made, how not to desappoint fans with the expectation of an album after years of nothing, how to lead carreers etc.
  10. It is, by far, the GNR record I had listened to the most. It is not my favorite, by any means, but is the only one I lived the whole process of making, expectation and release. The olhers, the band had already split when I turned into a fan.
  11. Thing is, if by the time of its release Axl released music videos or did interviews or toured right away, the Chinese popularity and legacy would be a lot different now.
  12. I thought Axl Rose was an anagram to Oral Sex.
  13. Saw this earlier today. The Twat one has Alvin and The Chipmunks singing the chorus. This guy made a compilation of song snipets of artists singing Smash Mouth's All Star. Total epicness.
  14. So, this Locomotive/Coma seems like a November Rain/Estranged thing. I'm always like "no doubt Estranged is a way better song". Than I listen to November Rain's epic outro and I have second thoughts. Anyway, Locomotive here.
  15. I'd really like to see Tonto finished. It has that Perfect Crime/Garden of Eden/You're Crazy upbeat.
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