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  1. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems too strange that countries like Italy, France etc. are left out of a European tour. Maybe, later on, there will be dates not related to festivals, for example in Imola or San Siro stadium. I don't know, it's probably just a vain fan's hope 😅
  2. Being Italian I haven't seen PinkPop, but I know that the Firenze Rocks kept the date free on June 19, 2021. From what the organization has implied, they hope until the end to reconfirm the Guns. I already had a ticket to the Guns, so I hope to reconfirm. 🤞
  3. CORONAVIRUS, FIRENZE ROCKS UFFICIALE: L'EDIZIONE 2020 DEL FESTIVAL È CANCELLATA. TUTTE LE INFO BIGLIETTI L'evento ha dovuto tenersi dal 10 al 13 giugno alla Visarno Arena con Green Day, Guns N 'Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Coronavirus, Firenze Rocks OFFICIAL: the 2020 edition of the Festival is cancelled. All ticket info CORONAVIRUS, FLORENCE ROCKS OFFICIAL: THE 2020 EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL IS CANCELLED. ALL TICKET INFO The event was supposed to take place from June 10-13 at the Visarno Arena with Green Day, Guns
  4. In Italy, the problem, in addition to the older population, has been about the management of the Lombardy region where it was the first outbreak and which is still the most affected. They did not really swab the area as in South Korea, but only those who had symptoms, leaving the asymptomatic people free. Many citizens of Lombardy, despite the prohibitions and recommendations of the government, have gone to almost all the other Italian regions (many also here, on the coast of Tuscany, where I live). They caused us many problems. At the end of all this, however, I have a lot of confidence in ou
  5. Thanks to all of you for the solidarity to Italy. This virus is orribile. Stay safe and take care of your healt. If you can, stay at home. Go out only for work (if you can't work at home) or to buy food ecc. Please...it's not a simile flu. 🙏
  6. I'm Italian, and it's incorrect that people died at home. They died in Hospital, intubated intensive therapy (without parents for not contagiate them). The public healtcare working hard to find new ICU bad, respirators ecc. The point is that many people still do not follow government regulations and still go out for walks and so on.
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