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  1. If they really have new album plans: 1 New Album Opener Song2 Easy 3 Brownstone 4 Chinese5 Jungle 6 Double Talking Jive (really great)7 Slither (VR) 8 Let Die 9 Rocket Queen 10 Shadow (the new greatest hit) 11 You Could Be Mine 12 YCPYAAAM - So Fine13 Street Of Dreams (alt w TWAT, Catcher, Sorry and Prostitute)14 Perhaps15 Pretty Tied Up 16 Dead Horse (alt w Bad Obsession)17 Sweet Child O' Mine 18 TAY (alt w OTGM and Michelle)19 As It Began Intro - It is Allright - Rain20 Hardshool21 Knockin' on Heavens Door
  2. Beetween 1999 and 2014 there were 3 all different line ups, but only one album, only one tour, any one official video (Better wasn't realesed). If instead, they would have relased Chinese Democracy in 2001 (between RIR III and The Joint Shows), with the ten songs of Rough Mixes I, two or three official videos (ChiDem, The Blues, and one of the May Songas), Chinese Democracy World Tour (2001-2003). In 2004 the RIR Lisboa show , as the last one of Bucket, branding some new songs, and a seventh album (Maybe colled SEVEN)at the end of 2004, with the rest of the realesed Chinese Democracy, a
  3. Setlist prediction: It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle Slither Better Estranged Live And Let Die You're Crazy Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Shadow Of Your Love Attitude So Fine Dead Horse Locomotive Double Talkin' Jive Sweet Child O' Mine Think About You November Rain Pretti Tied Up Knockin On Heavens Door Nightrain **ENCORE** Patience The Seeker Hardschool Paradise City
  4. Best: Mama Kin Live And Let Die Sailing Worst: Slither (so far) I Got You
  5. Realesed, unrealesed songs, live versions, jams... let's kill the time
  6. Thyme and PRL are suposed to be the same song, but... they are really diferent. Do you think they really are the same song? This has vocals and guitars? How do u think the final version sounds like? It could be played by the actual lineup?
  7. Whatever, the soundcheck doesn't matters, in BsAs 2014 they played So Fine, in Rio 2011 Oh My God, in 2017 (don't remember the show) they played It's All Right, and last year Hardschool.
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