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  1. I met and played on a festival with Towers and Donny is as big a prick as you’d expect. Snell and Rev literally told me that they “just put up with it cos’ he’s controversial innit?” A few decent tunes though and actually, I see what they mean.
  2. Listen to the background music and ignore the vocals. Then sing “all cautions made” etc when the guitars come in. It works.
  3. https://youtu.be/hf4srkSc0Ig So, having listened more and more, I KNEW I’d heard a similar sound elsewhere. It was driving me insane. I played my punk playlist while driving yesterday and Was It Me by The Exploited came on. It’s definitely a sound-alike here. Scary how similar in places.
  4. Perhaps is the best song from the leaks with the most potential. Very catchy and it’s able to be altered so well. Also, State Of Grace.
  5. Nah. I prefer the leaked version. I might give it a few more listens. It’s not even my favourite of the leaks. Now if they tidied up Perhaps and Atlas Shrugged and released them, I’d be happier. Dreams though.
  6. The best thing they can do is smash out Rock In Rio with a mega set list and the new album announcement. Sorry, I’ll put down the crack pipe. That’s what a normal band would do.
  7. Liberace appeared at Wrestlemania. Axl Rose isn’t good enough to appear in anything similar. one was a pioneer and icon, the other is a deluded, crazy, narcissistic control freak who has a team of yes people and a guitarist who hates him then loves working with him. so. No comparison.
  8. It’s to add the element of Guns into Guns N’ Roses by making him sit behind bulletproof plexiglass to stop fanboys ripping on him because he’s not a different human being.
  9. If you keep putting up with average it becomes the accepted norm.
  10. No. It’s a top 10 show for sure. They played a Chinese Democracy heavy set, they were tight, enjoying themselves and allowed to let loose with no curfew. It was one of their best.
  11. SAME! When he was slapping hands and enjoying himself. Also, Madagascar where he scalded the band and went classic Axl, good times. Goooood times!
  12. I was at Rock Am Ring 2006. I saw THAT scream live. That’s the best one. It was incredible.
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