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  1. I was playing Rock Band 4 yesterday, which of course had CHINESE DEMOCRACY as downloadable content. That was a huge get too. Rock Band 2 with the world premiere of Shacklers Revenge. They sold lots of that DLC too, it was a big deal and sat top of the Microsoft Store for two weeks. So much wasted potential. Far too much. They hooked a whole new generation in with it and really just shit the bed by not following up with more for gamers. I think it was partly due to the lawsuits between the band at the time, but they really did have something there. Oh and I’m still too 100 at v
  2. Shadow Of Your Love was the only bearable song on that video. Black Hole Sun sounds worse with every play and it’s starting to look like a parody rather than a tribute.
  3. I was there. ”I DIDN’T FUCKING COME ALL THE WAY TO FUCKING ENGLAND....” what a rant.
  4. So, where does this point come from? You think I’m a conspiracy theorist or a person who is selfish to other people and their health. Seriously?
  5. Well. Simple question. I’ll start. I have. In a year where we can get kickass albums from so many artists, this would have been the perfect time. Now? It’s the perfect time to give up on this band. It’s over. They’ll get their blind followers who jizz all over or squirt over them from their countries that post the same fucking nonsense because they treat the band like a religion..... Who’s with me?
  6. We could be brutally honest here and should be. The fact that Richard Fortus had time to produce the Psychedelic Furs album, that sounded fantastic shows there was things to do this year. They’re a cash cow fucking live band nowadays. If I revisit this in 2021 and there’s an album, I’ll take a dick up the ass. Happily.
  7. Bush put out a solid album this year, it went back to their 90s sound and can be said it’s possible to bring grunge nostalgia back. So....if Bush can make a fucking album with how much of a train wreck Gavin is, why can’t GnR. Easy. They can’t be bothered.
  8. Re-recorded appetite. The material from 1996 The material from 1999 - 2002 we haven’t heard. the material from 2004 - 2010 we never heard. so basically, material.
  9. I was at the London after show in 2006 and met a drunk Tommy, met most of them apart from Axl because he had his private booth and buckets of Peroni with a bunch of plastic models. Dizzy Reed was quite friendly but the highlight was meeting Pitman. Nobody wanted to talk to pitman and they didn’t know who he was. Nice guy.
  10. There’s a bit in the Rocker song that really sounds like Axl. I mean, really sounds like him in 1985/1986 Hollywood Rose/RapidFire Just a bit. The bit where he screams “it’s time to decide....if you live or die”....
  11. Unless that merch comes in physical CDs, Vinyl and a download, nah.
  12. At this point it’s pretty much clear nothing is coming. well, maybe a new version of nothing at a stretch but.... Lots of fakes around, we’ll see.
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