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  1. And we all hope they never massacre those songs again. But hey, this IS GnR
  2. Happy birthday to the cash cow and the reason that Axl Rose never needs to change the set lists….
  3. They really are cunts. People are trying to make a career, or have some enjoyment.
  4. The “give a fuck?” look on his playing, slack jawed and wanky tells anyone all they need to know. One of the largest grossing tours, so cash cow. If he cared he’d be pushing guns to make new material. For the minute he can go out, play the hits and get paid. He doesn’t give a fuck and most of us can see it. Even The Smashing Pumpkins, who’ve had more lineups and roster changes than Guns have put out material semi often, hell, even bands like Jane’s Addiction who are semi-retired, off tour, on tour, doing whatever are more consistent.
  5. Slash could show up, drop his guitar, smash it and continue to play out of tune and everyone would jizz all over it. A lot of us aren’t blinded by ZOMG SLASH IS DA BESTEST!!! He sounded like shit on a lot of songs, he doesn’t care about Chinese Democracy and he’s just in it for the money.
  6. 2006 is the last time I spent solid cash on this band as a touring output. Multiple festivals and shows. Also, I was 18 at the time with minimal outgoings and steady income….but that’s beside the point. Memories of Download, Rock am Ring, Wembley, the club show after Wembley, it was a good year.
  7. MY POOR CHINESE DEMOCRACY! LOOK WHAT THEY’RE DOING TO YOU! 😒 I started listening to TWAT and the second that late bum note hit in the solo I was horrified. Absolutely atrocious. Minus 5 Stars to quote Dave Meltzer.
  8. Even Billy Corgan, who’s pretty much as fucking mental as Axl gets shit together and releases new music consistently with various versions of the Pumpkins whilst running a wrestling company. Why should we give a shit about this band anymore?
  9. Who 👏🏻 gives 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 fuck. it isn’t going to happen. anyway, joe rogan is tiny.
  10. And yet some bands have had such a consistently high peak over the years. Their downfall is yet to happen!
  11. This was “they’re back” and in a big way. They kicked off and sounded great, Axl had lungs, the band were right. What happened? This was such a peak, why couldn’t it have lasted?
  12. The thing about Slash is, he’s Slash. He can play shit, he can play well. He has nothing to prove and clearly doesn’t give a shit. Robin was my favourite addition to GnR and he proved himself more than capable of filling Slash’s shoes, because he grew as a musician while playing for the band. He developed. Same for Richard too. I’d kill to have the 2002 lineup with 2006 vocals, I’m sure we all would. Shame it’ll never happen.
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