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  1. Was that you who leaked the festival IEM mix to us all en masse? Thanks for that. Good show. I was there and loved it.
  2. Yeah the more I hear about this the more it seems like lies or half truths, a PM of the real item would put our minds at ease but he’s not playing ball. A simple PM.
  3. I miss the old LeakThis site. Would’ve been on there in fucking moments. Pretty Much now going to look anywhere and everywhere for this. It’s Pure Madness
  4. The news is...Slash shows stuff on his social media that frankly shouldn’t be allowed on there if other people posted it....Duff is off making money on various financial projects...Richard can do session work for anyone because he’s quite the whore of session guitarists....Axl is eating chicken in Malibu. Or drinking Malibu and being a chicken. The others? Erm. Pass.
  5. Opening the vault means new live material, which motivates Axl. It has the biggest knock on effect if you think about it...
  6. There Was A Time is basically him showing off “hey this is my range, fuck you all!”, but also Shacklers Revenge deserves a mention for the range there too. How low can he goooooooo!
  7. If WWE can cross over....and somehow make it less bizarre, I suppose it’s....ok.....that Axl Rose can do this. Actually. No. I can’t justify this one.
  8. The problem with the song was that nobody wanted to know. I mean, if they’d opened their eyes.... I’ll see myself out...
  9. Happy birthday Steven Adderall.... sorry....Adler. In all seriousness, the guy has been through hell and back and still rocks!
  10. I haven’t mentioned Rhiad too much as I actually felt it needed work on it in its 2000s incarnation. It’s a brilliant song and if it was slower with a more chugging vibe it could EASILY have been almost a Kashmir-esque vibe to it.
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