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  1. Surely we Can get rid of Frank now Alex is unemployed, imagine the YCBM intro
  2. I don't think it's a complete rerecording, they would Have publicised it as such as a NEW GnR release would have much more mass appeal than an old bside.
  3. GN'R are like my ex, the fantasy is better than reality. My heart wants albums and vocal training, my brain knows they won't change.
  4. I didn't think I had to explain sarcasm
  5. We are getting songs written in 1999 with new guitar tracks a couple of these leaks and a couple unleaked tracks, I'm sure. There is no love or integrity by this lineup, Axl lost that after CD flopped like hell, so IF we get anything he will definitely not add any new ideas to it, plus he can't sing for shit these days and I don't want a whole album of autotune like Rock the Rock. I just wish he was honest that he doesn't give a fuck and it's just a job like Pete Townshend. The NITL tour is a soul less cash grab and it is more lucrative than any album will be. Stay Positive
  6. I used to have the pinball version but its very difficult to find these days on the internet
  7. Hi I am just wondering how many versions of ain't going down are out there? I've got the 2018 appetite box release and I've got the Use Your Illusion out takes version which is probably the best i've heard but it is quite low quality and I suspect the vocals have peen pitched up and song slowed down which sounds strange. I am trying find out the best version with full vocals as I am mixing the AFD Remaster version with vox as a personal project *no download links*
  8. Not now GNR are feminists, I think they'd find it sexist, great song though
  9. Here's what needs doing. TUNE DOWN. Axl has never sung his songs in such a high voice until 2011. It's plain weird. Shorten set. Remove high pitch songs and replace with lower ones, keeping a couple of hits. So here's my ideal: YCBM tuned down Easy Brownstone Dead Horse Pretty Tied Up Rocket Queen tuned down shortened Sweet Child tuned down Don't Cry Breakdown Back off Bitch Garden KOHD November Rain Jungle Locomotive. You're Crazy Paradise city. End.
  10. I watched the proshot of the 2010 Puerto Rico show. Looked a lot better than anything from 2016-now. Singing, drumming, dare I say guitar work but overall energy. Really wish I saw that tour. NITL was the worst concert I've been too especially since I saw the AXLDC show the year before. I don't think ACDC would have taken Axl if he wasn't already being hyped about being back in old GNR
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