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  1. Just out of curiosity. What’s ur fav new song that hasn’t been released. mine is Atlas and Going Down (hopefully redone) with Duff on vocals with Ax
  2. Well, today marks 12 years CD was released. At least we have that lol. But in all seriousness, I do still have faith some song or two (not a full album) will be released before/whenever their tour restarts🤘🏻
  3. Obviously I’m being sarcastic here, but this is so bad lol
  4. Just noticed. Correct me if I’m wrong. Last clip of sweet child. During Slash’s solo, in the background, is that Sasha?
  5. Obviously Axl treats Fernando as his own kid cause of Beta. He would been fired a long time ago. This band isn’t going to release anything new with that bird brain spoiled fk Fernando
  6. It was Sebastian.... and he Axl and Jon has dinner and went through an obscene amount of wine lolol
  7. Great interview and fkn rock on. They’re actually working hard on new music and it sounds epic!!🤘🏻🤘🏻 I don’t give a rats ass who the updates comes from. Any fkn news like this is good news to me.
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