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  1. Crazy Lixx - Rise Above
  2. So in order: Better - USUM70842891 (planned as a single/video for a while) Chinese Democracy - USUM70842892 (single) (gap) I.R.S. - USUM70842902 If the World - USUM70842903 Madagascar - USUM70842904 Prostitute - USUM70842905 Riad N the Bedouins - USUM70842906 Shackler’s Revenge - USUM70842907 Sorry - USUM70842908 Street of Dreams - USUM70842909 There Was a Time - USUM70842910 This I Love - USUM70842911 Catcher in the Rye - USUM70842912 Scraped - USUM70842913 (last song recorded/finished?)
  3. I like both VR albums, but the only song I can think of sounds like GNR is Sucker Train Blues. When I heard that for the first time i thought most of the album was going to sound like a GNR album (minus Set me free and Slither). It didn't.
  4. Or it's more convenient to have two songs on every side. Play two songs, flip side, play the other two songs with little or no FF/RW.
  5. Because every media is referring to the NME article from 28th of September.
  6. How can you get 400% discount? That means you get paid to receive the ticket.
  7. Just a guess: H S is on a future album, Absurd is not. So if you want Absurd on a physical release this EP is what you need to get.
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