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  1. When i say "new setlist" i mean that the setlist will change the songs like Coma, OTGM, My Michelle... those songs are played a 4 years ago and this is a new tour, so some songs of the set will be changed, of course that the classics like sweet child, wttj, paradise and others will be in the set, like the others years
  2. i just saw the site now and on the "Tour" page is "spring 2020" on the top of the dates... I think that the Administrators forgoted to changed and put the right name.
  3. This is a new tour and i think the most of people here know this, but... how "new" is this tour??? We know that the same songs will be played, like WTTJ, SCOM... these songs are classic and will be played anyway, but how about some new songs?? the name of the tour has changed and the band made this mysterious , (almost) all the people are hyped for new content, but this is GN'R, we know Axl and if he's not confortable for make an album then the band won't release. I never understend why GN'R make a lot of secrets about new tour or a new album, a lot of bands talk everytime when the band m
  4. I think that this tour will be different, "Not in this lifetime" is over and we have a chance to see a diferent setlist, so....maybe is not a disaster, and i have a little hope to see some of new songs or something
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