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  1. Another birthday tweet from Axl? Now I know someone's managing that account lol
  2. Not to be cynical but I forsee another breakup. She seems nice enough and not too crazy, but I'm pretty sure Slash's various habits and addictions didn't interfere much with his ability to get laid. Just marry the man who's style you're stealing Slash! #slaxl
  3. Sounds hilarious! Is there a supercut somewhere by chance? And you should check out the old live shows, them in NY is a beast.
  4. Not sure how fights and bad service at a grocery store signal the end of society. Long before any of this there was almost a riot in France because they had a sale on Nutella. I remember hearing about a fight years ago where someone was shot in a fight over the last piece of chicken. If you want more compelling end of society evidence bring up the Michigan armed protests.
  5. LOL where was this? I'm in Indiana and that attitude will get you fired.
  6. A bandana of course! Axl was ahead of the times again Also, Slash looks slightly dead inside. I wonder where they got that hat.
  7. No. Two different incidents. He didn't have a cane until the 21st century. But in the 20th he broke his foot or something. If you search Axl rose cast fitting on youtube, you can see it was rather painful for him.
  8. Why? Based off the cane and the cast he had in the 80s? 90s? He has leg issues.
  9. I don't actually know, I haven't followed NITL as much as I'd like to (though now . . .) they just seem so distant compared to when they would hang off eachother onstage in the 80s, 90s.
  10. So glad they're back to touching on stage. It's awkward when they all avoid eachother.
  11. For weeks now I have been getting emails from various businesses about how they are dealing with the outbreak. Yesterday I finally got one from my Representative.
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