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  1. Is it just me, or does he say "pussy full of maggot" live? I kind of like that better than "maggots."
  2. Something brand new, written in the last 5 years by the current band. Sick of this rehashed shit. It wasn't good enough back then, it most certainly isn't good enough now.
  3. True, it's a good rocker. But the good parts from the original gave me high hopes that a reworked version would improve everything that was wrong with the original and to me that just isn't the case. It's not bad, I just don't think it lives up to it's potential. Hope this isn't the case for Atlas Shrugged. There is so much potential in that song, especially the first minute of the song. Hopefully they can improve the rest of it.
  4. Very disappointed. The parts from the original I hated (intro, bridge) I thought would be replaced and were...but with bland generic crap. What a shame. The intro has NO build up. Also, the vocal mix is better on the original - you can actually hear the emotion in the original ("to save what we had" part), and in this version that's just all wiped out. Oh well. I think what they did with ABSURD is 100% better than HS.
  5. Would you rather hear HS or have them open with Pretty Tied Up? PTU please.
  6. Funny how subjective tastes can be. Im also a hardcore sox fan, yet i HATE this design haha. Granted, i hate almost any design that doesn't use the classic illusions era GNR font.
  7. The ending part of Prostitute (the part with the guitar solo/drums) reminds me of the Prince song, Darling Nikki (the 2:50 mark). Seems like that section was highly influenced by this Prince song.
  8. I don't give two shits about this band. They're a novelty act now and IF "new" music ever comes out it will be uninspired with a weak vocal performance. Why should I care about a band that doesn't produce content? That defeats the whole purpose of a band.
  9. Nothing is 100% scratch vocals. He just singing the melody to get it recorded, then will finish with real lyrics later. It couldn't be more obvious based on the repeated lyrics and the mumbled section. While the music portion isn't great and wouldn't be happy with that as the final version, it does remind me a bit of Zeppelin (D'yer Mak'er), which I like.
  10. Exactly my take on that, too. GNR is dead. Even when GNR tours it's a half-hearted cash grab. Anything they put out in the studio (if ever!) will suck: Axl's voice is shit, and the band has no chemistry. Not to mention, they won't be writing from a place of passion...I mean, they're all 50+ millionaires now. They're no longer in their 20's trying to scrape by or make it big. Just won't be NEARLY as good no matter what.
  11. Agree with everyone that you can't really just pick one lol. Look at Your Game, Girl is a pretty great performance.
  12. What is your favorite studio vocal performance by Axl? Must be the whole song, not just a line or two. For me it's One in a Million. That song has the perfect blend of my favorite Axl attributes: The patented drawn out words like "starraarr" or "make us cryyiayy" The perfect balance of rasp and phlegm, especially in the line "they come to our country, and think they'll do as they please" The power is clean but raspy/rough/phlegmy all at the same time Shows off his incredible range between baritone and screeching The attitude. Right or wrong, the attitude and swagger in the song can't be matched (Ok, maybe ISE matches/exceeds, but still...)
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