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  1. Nothing is 100% scratch vocals. He just singing the melody to get it recorded, then will finish with real lyrics later. It couldn't be more obvious based on the repeated lyrics and the mumbled section. While the music portion isn't great and wouldn't be happy with that as the final version, it does remind me a bit of Zeppelin (D'yer Mak'er), which I like.
  2. Exactly my take on that, too. GNR is dead. Even when GNR tours it's a half-hearted cash grab. Anything they put out in the studio (if ever!) will suck: Axl's voice is shit, and the band has no chemistry. Not to mention, they won't be writing from a place of passion...I mean, they're all 50+ millionaires now. They're no longer in their 20's trying to scrape by or make it big. Just won't be NEARLY as good no matter what.
  3. Agree with everyone that you can't really just pick one lol. Look at Your Game, Girl is a pretty great performance.
  4. What is your favorite studio vocal performance by Axl? Must be the whole song, not just a line or two. For me it's One in a Million. That song has the perfect blend of my favorite Axl attributes: The patented drawn out words like "starraarr" or "make us cryyiayy" The perfect balance of rasp and phlegm, especially in the line "they come to our country, and think they'll do as they please" The power is clean but raspy/rough/phlegmy all at the same time Shows off his incredible range between baritone and screeching The attitude. Right or wrong, the attitude
  5. Our governments are dangerous and out of control
  6. OTGM was great. Cool to see Coma, too. Missed opportunity not using the Houston NR though. The piano issue was one of the only real RnR moments of the tour.
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