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  1. I hope you are right. in austria it was agreed that a voucher can be issued instead of a refund ... if the concert is next year then i will be satisfied and happy 😉
  2. I can wait, just don't want my money to be lost. I already thought it would be in 2021 at the earliest, if at all concerts would be allowed...
  3. Oh well, okay 🙂 GNR should rather travel to Vienna 😃
  4. sorry, i don't know what you mean...
  5. I also hope that the concert in Vienna will be postponed. But it is time for new dates or refund of tickets. No one has received a refund from my circle of friends.
  6. I only received an automatic email from oeticket (where I bought the tickets) that we should be patient and should not contact them to get in touch. that was in May 😠
  7. i'm just pissed off because i have 3 tickets to the show in vienna and don't get a refund, no information at all, nothing 😏
  8. Hey! Will the Europa Tour be postponed or canceled altogether? What do you all mean?
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