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  1. Apparently dirty honey announced at their show in Munich a couple weeks ago that they'll be opening too. Wondering if it's just for that show or the whole tour.
  2. Anyone knows the app music league? You connect it with your Spotify app and you can create or join leagues with friends or random people. Each league can have its own theme and you have multiple rounds per league where players submit a song according to a particular theme and then you give points. The one with the most points wins in the end. Little fun thing. If you wanna join, this is the link: https://app.musicleague.com/l/bdc8ebfec6b646c193ccb8b2cdec48bf
  3. someone should spend those 150 dollars and ask those questions and find out
  4. is dizzy running out of money? should we donate? https://www.instagram.com/p/C4bW0EePOmk/
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