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  1. the new adele video hit the 10 million mark within a few hours. a proper video can do wonders.
  2. Hard skool would have more views If they released a real video. There's no need for people to watch it on YouTube if they can stream it on Spotify
  3. Maybe if the super bowl will ever be in San Fran
  4. It's Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Mary J. Blidge, Kendrick Lamar. Pretty epic if you ask me.
  5. You can actually scratch those coin bags off. No idea if you'll win anything
  6. Taken from amaninjapans info: "The litho is a reference to the Carolina Gold Rush of 1799 and is designed to look like the North Carolina lottery "Gold Rush" scratch-off lottery ticket."
  7. Wtf are people crying about? This is just the physical release for hard skool that's being discussed in a thread already
  8. It's so funny how some people rate this song depending of how it got made and when. If they didn't have any of that info, they'd probably love it.
  9. Now I'm kinda selfishly hoping they'll debut it in lisbon as I'll be at the show.
  10. All in favour of the glow inc meeting Mr mayhem
  11. Its so great to see the general public reacting extatic for a new GbR output. Didn't have that for CD or absurd
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