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  1. Yes. It seems that out of the AFD 5 he’s the least liked Axl is the most popular along with Slash Slash is the second most liked. A lot of fans seem to think of GNR as Axl and Slash and “Those 3 guys” It was said in a interview that Duff didn’t care if Axl and Slash were more popular than him. Izzy had mentioned that he doesn’t mind Axl and Slash getting more attention (as he never liked the spotlight). Duff is more liked than him (most likely due to being in the band longer) And then there’s Steven. I’ve seen more hate than love for Steven.
  2. it seems that Steven is the least liked out of the AFD 5 lineup (I know some of the reasons), but it seems he still gets way too much hate. Are there any other Steven fans out there?
  3. When did all the Izzy and Steven hate start? Steven has a lot of haters because he talked trash about Axl over the years. Not sure about Izzy. I’m going to also guess that they both also get hate because they weren’t in the band that long (Steven for five years and Izzy for six) where as Matt, Axl, Duff, Fortus, and Slash been in the band much longer (so they both don’t have as much fans as the main 3). And then there’s the reunion...
  4. Her in her Halloween costume (a cat) with Steven in the background. I believe they were doing a show on Halloween.
  5. Her and Izzy seemed to have a interesting relationship from what I heard (I haven't read Reckless road yet).
  6. No this is a different girl. That was about Monique Lewis who Axl was in love with. According to Tracii Monique dated everyone in the original lineup (Rob, Izzy, Ole, Axl, and Tracii). This girl is Desi Craft Izzy’s stripper gf.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to Desi Craft? She’s one of the few you don’t hear talk about the early days of GNR. It doesn’t seem she has a social media. I don’t think that’s her real name. From what I heard she was 14/15 when dating Izzy. Poor girl. Someone on tumblr said she was 18 (I thought her and Izzy were made to break up because Desi was underage). Is she still alive? From someone else they said she contacted Izzy on Twitter. Anyone have the tweet?
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