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  1. This is my genuine opinion, why should it be trolling? I really think Axl has lost his motivation to write new music, to me its pretty obvious. I hope I am wrong. I still enjoy reading the debates on here, some interesting points especially about the more technical stuff which I know nothing about.
  2. Why do still debate this stuff, its interesting but all based on nothing except wishful thinking. Knowing that they have not done any work together on music after five years etc for me is proof enough that nothing is in the pipeline. I just dont think Axl has any motivation any more to make music, I think it all become too complicated.
  3. I dont understand why a few people made fun of the passing of Dexter, losing an animal is incredibly painful, if you dont understand that then just dont bother saying anything.
  4. Thankyou I really appreciate your comment.
  5. RIP Dexter and love to Axl, the loss of beloved pet is hard. I lost my sweet rabbit this morning and am devestated.
  6. Losing an animal is damned painful, my heart goes out to Axl RIP Dexter. I am going through the same thing as of this morning and god it hurts.
  7. Gosh just insane...good to see a positive post re Axl's voice too.
  8. A couple of weeks ago but nothing since, they do play something of Guns n Roses every day but mostly the 'hits'.
  9. Gosh there is so much wishful thinking in this thread, building of narratives around non existent evidence. Sorry to sound negative but the last straw for me was when Slash said they had not even got together, after five years, but has been saying the opposite. They have done what they set out to do, another tour then its retirement for Axl which I think he will be rather relieved about. I dont think music is his passion anymore.
  10. Why do you think there is going to be an album when there is simply no evidence of this happening especially since Slash has admitted they have not done anything musically together (after saying that they had). I truly hope I am wrong we shall see.
  11. It is so obvious there is going to be no new album or no new anything. Just look at the historical posts, exactly the same things were being said and the same frustration being felt. I think Axl has no interest at all in music anymore, actually it makes me wonder if this will be the last tour, maybe that is why he seemed so happy at the last shows! He has other priorities now and Slash and Duff have there own projects.
  12. I imagine Axl goes his way and the others go their way when a tour ends and then Axl gets on with his life which probably does not include music or anybody associated with it any more. He has most likely found a way to to find some peace which does not, unfortunately, include music. Why did he fall out with Buckethead?
  13. Yea I have the same problem with Mick...its Instagram after Instagram
  14. Just my opinion as you have yours. I also did not say a lot of what you areaccusing me of such as nobody here has respect or are lesser fans, these are not my thoughts at all and am sorry that is what you took from it. All I am saying is I think GnR are thought of as more than just a kilt etc.
  15. I dont agree at all that GnR are 'just a kilt etc'. The people I speak too (all ages) see them as a legendry hard rock band, I am not sure where you get your info from but their reputation is well and truly cemented in the annals of great rock n roll. I am really surprised that someone on the forum would hold this point of view, it seems folk who dont use the forums have more respect for the band.
  16. Hardskool was played on one of our main radio stations in the UK last night
  17. Should I buy my tickets now (expensive) or wait until closer to the time. Thanks.
  18. This is just plain embarassing, I dont think anything would make all of you whingers happy. Did you watch the streams, the audience were enjoying every minute. And Slash and Duff are not puppy dogs, they are two confident grown men who. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes it is justl all conjecture on your part. Get a life.
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