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  1. Axl, the band and management have really worked hard, obviously, and it shows!
  2. Every single post complaining about something...no pleasing some folk.
  3. I really appreciate his communicating how he was feeling, I hope he is feeling better.
  4. Disappointing, maybe they have bad memories of this time and dont want to go there.
  5. I am confused. I have been reading how great the shows are, Axl is happy and enjoying himself and Slash is at the top of his game. Now I am reading negative comments because they have not played one particular song...really!
  6. Wow Axl does seem to be his old mischevious self
  7. All New Show was advertised then they seemed to drop it during the pandemic, most bafflingd.
  8. I am not into Country he just sounded good on Witchita. Also just calling out when things are good...
  9. I have just watched a clip of Axl singing Witchita and was blown away. If I looked away I could imagine it was the young Axl singingd. I was in two minds on whether to go and see them in the UK next year but with all the positive comments regarding recent concerts I shall definitely be going. Has anybody else changed their mind?
  10. You Cant Always Get What You Want Satisfaction (cant get no)
  11. Did Axl seem happy with DJs' playing? By the way I really like Lets Dance, it works really well.
  12. The singer in Stevens band is just stunning, I dont think he has been in the band for that long.
  13. I love the way Axl has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons, and he knows it There is a tsunami on social media, they can stll cause a stir.
  14. I do apologise I did not realise I kept repeating myself, a bit like a GnR show:) I sincerely hope the gig goes well tonight and everybody enjoys themselves. Something I have noticed is how easy it is to get roped into the negativity of a forum.
  15. By the way it is not just folk on the forum but many on instagram etc
  16. Just curious, are you happy to hear the same stuff over and over....if thats so fine.
  17. Of course they are going to play big hits, goes without saying. Maybe it is my fault that I am disappointed at no new music as it really seems to be only an excercise in nostalgia, nothing wrong if thats what one enjoys.
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