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  1. OMG....this type of attitude screws (oops sorry) kids up more than swear words... I feel dissappointed, I read an article yesterday that suggested Guns will be extending the reunion tour and little likelihood of new music. What happened to 'New Chapter' I wonder.
  2. I think Axl's looks matter so much to some people because he was so hot in his younger days and so it did add to the bands 'raunch' and sexiness...its rock n roll afterall.
  3. For Gods sake it is just a word, oh yea I forgot when I first heard it as a child I had a fit I dont understand what this new billboard means not being American, are they due to do a residency somewhere?
  4. Not just guys on here...Axl always made the most of his 'looks' and 'displayed' them to great effect so I think there is some expectation he would carry on with this age appropriate. I bet there there were plenty of guys, straight or gay, who enjoyed this too, which is ok, human species has always appreciated great beauty historically which is reflected through art etc.
  5. Axl's appearance is talked about because he was so damned hot when younger and he put a lot of work into it, he obviously liked to look good. Now he doesnt seem to care as much and I wonder if this has anything to do with his hair loss which, for somebody in his position, must have been pretty devestating. As for his weight this could be due to a myriad of health reasons or just South American Cusine! He did say in that video with the blond girl that he had been dieting so it is obviously an issue. As for his voice, maybe it is as good as it gets.
  6. Just watched a vidoe of GNR in Rio 1991 and the crowd are just crazy which made me think are there any bands that ilicit that kind of response today and if not I wonder why? Any thoughts...
  7. Just to change topic somewhat. Hard School was on Youtube for a day last week, thats how come I heard it, obviously taken down pretty quickly. Just wondered if it meant anything, clutching at straws here.
  8. Well if there was going to be new music now would be the perfect time but as there is no indication of this (and has not been for years apparently) I give up hope of there being any. I shall not be going to see tham as I want to go to a concert not a sing a long. The GNR that I came across a year ago is the group of long ago. But they seem happy, they get big audiances and lots of cash so be it.
  9. Sorry Oldest Goat, got a bit carried away there and with the caps
  10. I have heard this record being talked about so much and now I have finally got to hear it and it is simply brilliant! Why was this not released or played live, it seems such a waste.
  11. ...but a bunch of folk who get together to make a couple of quid singing their old songs now and again. No reunion here but they are selling tickets and thats what matters I suppose. I have been a fan for a year and been on the forum for the same amount of time,, the amount of posts have become a trickle, which is understanable as nothing happens, and interestingly mostly men, just an observation.
  12. If they were going to realease music would they not do it before the next tour starts which is soon? If so not much time unfortunately.
  13. We in the UK had a 3000 capacity live music concert last night, no need for masks or self distancing just a covid test beforehand and a few days later. It was an 'experiment' to see how it goes.
  14. Wow the work you are putting into this is just extrodinary! Such an interesting read especially as the board is pretty void of posts at the moment. Thankyou for your hard work it is extremely appreciated.
  15. I am assuming you all have perfect mental health and none of your family or friends suffer with mental health issues because if this was the case there would be more empathy here. Maybe I am taking all too seriously
  16. Above questionnaire = Ignore Axl's mental health as long as he produces music even though this may mean an eroding of his 'self'. OK....
  17. Definitely peace of mind, it would be selfish to think otherwise.
  18. I agree, this band just gets stronger stronger...
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