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  1. soon & Sweersa get it. I actually saw Guns at the Hard Rock in Vegas, New Years Eve 2011. Yes, it was an incredible show; very memorable. I met Richard Fortus while he and I were both working out at the Hard Rock gym the morning before the show. Also, met Ashba after the show while we were eating at the same diner. It was very meaningful meeting those guys since it was my birthday. I specifically went to Vegas for my birthday to see Guns. Im a super fan... Im just giving Axl shit. Im actually mad they didn't hit the Billion dollar mark for the "Not in This Lifetime Tour". Guns re
  2. Well Axl, another world tour without new music to promote. U'all had an incredible run with the 'Not In This Life Time" tour. GnR could have built on the success and momentum of the "Lifetime" tour with a new album. Your marketing & management people are morons. Of course, Axl, you screwed up before letting management control the group. GnR made a 1/2 billion plus, the group should hit the billion dollar mark with this new world tour, which is really the old world tour with a new name. Hey, Im all about the money, too. Dont blame you. Oh, your political opinion regarding Trump
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