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  1. Not certain about that, but he definitely won't be doing any updating himself. It's hilarious that that thought even exists for anyone. Picture it: Axl sat there with a laptop and a WordPress tab open 😂 Not a chance.
  2. Got chatting to Frank Sidoris tonight after a Mammoth WVH gig. He said both the Conspirators and Guns N' Roses would be starting back up 'eventually'. Nothing we don't already know, so it's not news, but surreal to hear it from someone in that world.
  3. Right, but that was an entirely different band and an entirely different set of circumstances. Agreed entirely. Axl+Slash is the draw. To many that is Guns N' Roses. Now we've had a taste of it after decades of wondering 'what if', it's that or nothing now.
  4. Yes but it still wasn't what casuals and the wider world would deem 'good', generally. The bar wasn't exactly high. 2016-17 was good in terms of modern Axl, but it wasn't good in terms of Axl in general. That's fine, age and wear and tear happen. And this is my point: a less-than-perfect Axl Rose still sells tickets. It's not make or break, it's not the be all and end all. He doesn't need to be great to fill venues, he just needs to be okay. He's been okay for a while, bad on the odd day, but aside from the odd song, he's never been what many would regard as 'good'. Personally, I don't care. I like what we have and I appreciate he sings the way he does as a result of coaching to preserve his voice. Plus there's six other people in the band, I'm a fan of the current lineup as a whole. But people here are talking about mainstream success, being relevant etc. Those days are done. Aside from the band's own big fans, people want to see Guns N' Roses to say they've seen Guns N' Roses. Nobody's buying a ticket because they're current or relevant.
  5. Was it though? It was better than it is now, but it was nothing like the voice of the band's peak. Songs like Sweet Child o' Mine were far from perfect
  6. Not really. It's been less than good for over a decade and it hasn't stopped anything. They moved back to stadiums and continued to play them and festivals without issue. People will comment on the voice but then say "but..." and talk about Slash/the band/the show. It'll be a topic of discussion, sure, but it won't be "make or break" at all. People like us are a tiny minority. So long as people can say "I've seen Guns N' Roses", they'll be fine.
  7. There's been multiple successful tours. That's what they do. As I said, they're a legacy act, and there are many who continue to tour off previous successes. This isn't something unique to GN'R. Steven physically couldn't manage the three hour shows the band plays though. That's a fact. And Izzy – you mention how he was okay doing the odd guest appearances, but we're talking about huge multi-year stadium tours. He's never been one to be committed to that sort of thing. And if the rumours are true, he walked out on the band after soundcheck for a guest spot at a NITL show. If he can't stick around for a guest spot, how can he be counted on for a multi-year, 100+ date tour? Because you'd be breaking up a solid, safe, and successful band/business for the sake of nostalgia and bringing in two unreliable people. And the difference here is Slash and Duff filled vacant spots in the band. Izzy and Steven returning would mean firing two of the most reliable people that have ever been in the band, and with a fair chance that it could go wrong. HA! No. Nobody making six or seven figures a night will ever stop and be like "nah I have enough". You're naive to believe that's even a possibility. It goes beyond the band though, anyway. Touring keeps hundreds of people employed. It's a business and brand first, and a band second, just like every single big band these days. They only exist these days to make money, they do not care about you.
  8. (Assuming you're on about GN'R here) Nah this year is silent because (COVID aside) they've been almost constantly on the road for the last eight years. A rest is necessary for the band, and the fans. It's only natural. Thsy toured without something crazy before, and they'll do it again. They're a legacy act now, just like countless others, and they know that.
  9. Why would they pull apart the most stable lineup the band has ever had in favour of something that would be volatile, and include two notoriously unreliable people? It's not worth the risk. If it was, it would have happened by now. Heart's age and Ann Wilson's health issues don't directly correlate though. Cancer can get anyone at any age, any time.
  10. A new version was released as a promotional single in 2022
  11. Right. And that continues to this day – this forum hates Frank, the casuals have no idea who he is, and yet they're still packing out stadiums across the world.
  12. I'll try again... Duff and Slash spoke to Axl. Matt spoke to Duff. I didn't say this or anything like it. I said he wasn't in the classic lineup – he wasn't, Steven Adler played on Appetite. If you're going to be patronising and go off on an irrelevant tangent, at least have the decency to read and understand what you're replying to...
  13. Whereas in your examples they made an effort to talk to him themselves, they didn't beg someone to do it for them. And as I've said before, those two have more of a right to be there. Whether he played a big part in the Illusions era or not, Matt will always be a replacement drummer, never a key pillar of the classic lineup. His sense of entitlement isn't justified. He had no right to be in the band when Slash and Duff rejoined – they were filling vacant spots. There was no open place for a drummer, they already had one.
  14. I do, on a regular basis... a few of them in fact. And a couple have since become friends – but you've got to stay professional in some situations 🤷‍♂️
  15. It's not so much what he says, it's how he says it. Matt giving it the whole 'Call Axl and tell him' wasn't all that cool. It doesn't come across well, and him demanding to Duff to be back in the band when there was no spot for him left a bad taste in a lot of peoples' mouths. Duff and Slash didn't demand to come back, it just happened organically, and they have more of a right to be there than anyone.
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