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  1. He did: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSQBqPTpOgE/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Always found it odd that Shadow got dropped in the first place, especially since it was the most recent 'new release' before Absurd. A good chance of all three 'new' singles tonight?
  3. Just listened with earphones, they're definitely there, just low in the mix
  4. No, it won't be. It'll be so they can put the link in the story ahead of time and say 'buy it here'. When I've worked on embargoed stories (I work in the automotive industry) I've often been given links to videos or podcasts that aren't live yet. Not for review, but so I can prepare the finished article
  5. Jesus christ the guy 'singing' along to this... 🤦‍♂️
  6. No. Even if you could narrow it down to one, look how much people talk about the so-called 'CDII' and the leaks these days. We'd just have those same conversations about what didn't make the cut with Illusions. Regardless of whether people like what theoretically would've been discarded, we'd still talk about it and yearn after it so it's a good job it all came out
  7. I can't see DJ playing anything tonight. Tommy's been at shows since leaving and played nothing, same for Brain, so I can't see DJ playing when they didn't. It would be somewhat intriguing to see if he did though...
  8. They did a snippet of 'Waiting On A Friend' before Patience in 2018 too
  9. I was thinking along similar lines. Only had a quick listen, but at the very least the bass sounds different. I'd love to hear the 'Chinese' songs they've played in recent years reworked in the studio, maybe as a bonus or limited edition kind of thing
  10. First of all, I hope this is okay to post here – this is the first time I've started a topic of my own! I just wanted to share it with other music fans to see if anyone was interested. While I am a music lover, my day job involves my first love: motorsport. But recently I had the chance to combine the two by chatting with Vivian Campbell about his recent rallying debut. Check out the feature here: https://dirtfish.com/rally/ara/the-def-leppard-rock-star-thats-gone-rallying-in-ara/
  11. Honestly, I would in some ways. I love Brain's work, but if the current band is to release a record, I want the current band to play on it. If they aren't going to use Frank in the studio on any upcoming release, they should stop listing him as a full member 🤷‍♂️ There again, if this is a one-off occurrence, I guess that wouldn't really matter. For the record, I actually really like Frank. Unpopular opinion I guess, but, yeah...
  12. I was thinking the same. Wasn't that in the region of 80,000-100,000?
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