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  1. Thought you wanted the drama to finish? People are free to do what they want. Get over it.
  2. Have the four Japan shows before Australia been announced?
  3. Haven't you had issues with Beta over the years as well?
  4. @estrangedtwatit now seems to be flowing from your mouth.. well, keyboard. I've been here over a year. Like many other users my preference is not to clog up forums with stupid, bitter and disrespectful comments (2,500 as in your case). For the record, this is not a back-up account for @facefirst, I don't know him and you've only succeeded in making another unfounded accusation. Now... back to my relative obscurity to enjoy Guns N Roses lithographs. I MIGHT return if you have something equally idiotic to say in the future. Bye for now.
  5. No, he admits it on podcasts and threads? However, was he there to make the claim of plagiarism against @facefirst? Obvious shill and libel comment. Seemed appropriate.
  6. That’s true, you were the guy that got so nervous you had to go potty before the Tokyo show right?
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