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  1. I see Duff's daughter has a single coming out imminently too according to insta.
  2. Been lurking a while. Don't post because I don't think I know as much as other posters about certain topics and I'll be dismissed for being new. My teenage heroes were Karen Carpenter and David Bowie but Karen died before I was born and Bowie had a heart attack just after I "discovered" him and never toured again. The fact that I can (well could - before lockdowns etc) still go and see GnR actually makes me happy... which from what I've read on here so far, probably puts me in a minority in this forum!
  3. Well that's why I chose an "unpopular opinions" thread to say it in.
  4. I don't mind that there is no new music or that it takes years (or decades) in between album releases. I'd rather listen to something the artist thinks is ready to be released and they don't owe the fans anything. I just enjoy what we've already been given and I'm thankful they're still alive and touring which gives me a chance to see them live.
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