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  1. I thought so too at first but when I read up more on the actual interview, I found out that they sung Amazing Grace together jokingly in honour of someone's birthday (the name of the person is slipping my mind!). HP wrote it out saying this was an actual song they were writing together! Thank you for adding!!
  2. I just checked and the audio is already up at A4D, I listened to it before I bought the magazine for my girlfriend (If I had it myself I'd make scans anyway, sorry!). It's the same as the 1990 Howard Stern interview just cut shorter for publishing purposes!
  3. In the March, 1991 issue of Hit Parader they published an interview done with Howard Stern, Axl and Sebastian Bach; during it they mention a song the two were working on called Mother Mary. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything more about the track aside from the title; I haven't been able to find any information but I'm really interested!
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