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  1. spectacular images, great audio quality, the band looks good! slash makes solos really successful. Frank Ferrer seems to be a drummer ... the bad thing is that this is from 2016 I don't know how they will be today ...
  2. gnr's secret weapon. the reason why a new album is not coming out, izzy is missing
  3. Since the last song, a band called Guns N Roses generated millions of dollars around the world. being one of the most successful world tours of all time. .... and since the last gnr song, an idiot was playing play 2 and now he is the manager of the most important band in recent times.
  4. after seeing him with acdc I came to the conclusion that he sings like this because he wants to take care of his throat. with acdc it was amazing. . but at this point it is unsustainable to maintain that level, it must even be painful.
  5. https://fotos.subefotos.com/d95143040663873993e5dad12d706470o.jpg
  6. In forums it is said that he stopped following the lebeis on social networks, and gave a like to an answer that criticizes them, also to add more confusion, matt sorun is giving his opinion on official networks of the band. https://fotos.subefotos.com/b8244ce99393890e128fc34d7e3af908o.jpg
  7. Now this came out, the gesture of keith richard when he ends the song "you guys, out" is my idea or does he really?
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