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  1. Absolutely, I feel the same. I think in his mind it really had to be a work for the ages. While the majority would tend to disagree that he has accomplished that, I have to say, from my perspective, he has.
  2. Absolutely agree my man! There was some fucked up stuff going on back then for sure! I must admit, the controversy around the band is what first got me interested in them when I was a teenager. It took a few years for me to begin to appreciate their sometimes "avantgard'esque" approach to norwegian black metal. Hellhammer (drummer) is one of my all time favorite musicians.
  3. I love the Village intro because it shifts from a peaceful atmosphere in the very beginning to a darker/angrier one towards the 1st verse. It will be great to have another version anyway, but I'm definitely no fan of the intro I've heard on the rehearsal (Mexico 2020).
  4. As long as Axl sounds the way he currently does, I don't think that this song should first be heard in a live-setting, it would be the worst possible introduction in my view. With "Absurd" I think it was okay, since that wasn't really singing, but HS is a different animal. At the moment I highly doubt that he could do it justice.
  5. Many people still ridiculing Ashba for allegedly fucking up the SCOM intro, wow. Now listen up, you philistines. There were no mistakes in this performance, it was PERFECT. Ashba was waaaay ahead of his time and created a sophisticated microtonal intro to this legendary song that no one can replicate to this day. He was genius back then and still is today as you can easily hear in his recent masterpiece "Let's Dance". In his whole career, there was never even one single bend that sounded off, ever. Whoever says something else, hates humans and animals as well.
  6. People like that are probably secretly hoping for answers like "OMG I'm so sorry, I loved it and had no idea how bad it actually was before you told me. Now that you explained to me why it sucks, I can't listen to it anymore and have finally understood that my taste was very bad. Thanks a lot for letting me know, you truly are a music expert" xD
  7. Interestingly, I conducted a very elaborate and lengthy study on this very question, going through a dizzying number of comments on various social media platforms and analyzing them with renowned psychological and neurological experts and the result was that they're being assholes.
  8. I feel you man but really the joke is on me 'cause I was excited too until I realized I was joking
  9. I love this song to death which is why I'm glad they don't play it nowadays.
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