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  1. Thought I'd share this lovely picture of me blasting the song on my home system.
  2. Medal of Honor - Allied Assault and Spearhead. Also the very first Call of Duty including United Offensive. I just still love these classics.
  3. I hope that one day the original Village-versions with vocals (if they exist, blah blah) will be released, with the original instrumentation. I'm very attached to the leaked versions. Whenever I hear Absurd and HardSkool I'm like
  4. My man, thank you so much for listening and your great feedback! I'm really glad you liked it since I'm always really insecure when it comes to vocals. I have just started singing again recently so I hope it will get more solid over time :-) Thank you!!
  5. "I haven't recorded vocals for more than 10 years." "English is not my native language." "My mic as well as my mixing 'skills' are still abysmal." For more cheap excuses just PM me! (I recorded guitars, bass and vocals - Rest was made using Reason 11) It is what it is. Lyrics: Whores of attention united self entitled and self-righteous go fabricate a new crisis on your device no matter how high the price is no matter how thin the ice is Zero and One on your eyelids Just give them some more entertainment that does not contain any sense or statement for let-down rejects down in their basements unknowingly waiting for their replacements Why not just pick up some rifles to become disciples and march with the iTroops achieving cyber-enlightment the digital Titan appears on the horizon
  6. Surely someone more educated on the subject can shed some light on it, but I vaguely remember a producer (?) saying something along the lines of "There was also a track called 'Devious Bastard' with Rose screaming all over it". Is my memory tricking me here? I can't find the quote anywhere -__-
  7. Just because these people are self-absorbed, arrogant and ignorant enough to consider themselves important enough to say anything at all on any subject? Yeah, me too.
  8. Absolutely, I feel the same. I think in his mind it really had to be a work for the ages. While the majority would tend to disagree that he has accomplished that, I have to say, from my perspective, he has.
  9. Absolutely agree my man! There was some fucked up stuff going on back then for sure! I must admit, the controversy around the band is what first got me interested in them when I was a teenager. It took a few years for me to begin to appreciate their sometimes "avantgard'esque" approach to norwegian black metal. Hellhammer (drummer) is one of my all time favorite musicians.
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