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  1. They can suck my dick with these selects, I won't even bother listening to this crap anymore.
  2. This video is fake but hilarious nonetheless.
  3. Thank you very much for the link, looks like that's exactly what I need :-) much appreciated!
  4. Thanks a lot to all you guys! Appreciate the tips. No problem It's a normal tune-o-matic bridge, and since I've used this one a lot already I'm sure I'm using it right. As you said, I'll probably have to check the truss rod again. When checking intonation, I first tune the open string, then play the octave in the 12th fret, and depending on wether it's too high or too low I turn the screw in the corresponding direction after loosening the string. In the past this has always worked well but since it's really so far off and can't be further adjusted, it can only be the truss ro
  5. I totally get what you are saying, and unfortunately, you're right that the Nu-GNR band wouldn't have brought anything new to the table anyway, there was only the illusion of hope. As a CD-fanboy, I guess it just sucks knowing that the probability for a CDII is definitely around zero by now.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I got nothing against Slash and Duff. Pretty sure I'm the minority camp here, but CD is my most favourite record of all time :-) For me personally, the NuGNR-era was the most interesting and fascinating, with all it's weirdness. I loved the leaks a lot and I always wished there would have been more records like CD. Of course I love AFD and UYI I&II, i will always listen to these albums. It's just that CD had the greatest impact on me and I'll always love it to death! :-) At least in my case, that's why I wish it never happened. Still happy for those who enjoy the Reunio
  7. Hello! :-) I have a really annoying issue with my electric guitars. I always had tuning issues in the past thanks to bent truss-rods and so on, so I took the guitars to a luthier who brought them back into shape. When I got them back, they were close to perfect. But now, already a few days later, the octaves on each string are in average more than a quarter-none off, which of course sounds incredibly painful. I can't adjust the bridge any further since all the screws are already at their limits. I don't have my guitars laying around on the ground or something, they all stand on guitar sta
  8. Hey man, thank you very much for listening to it, I'm happy you like it! Appreciate your feedback concerning the drums, I will certainly take a look at that! :-) Now that I'm listening to it again, I also feel they could be a bit louder or stronger.
  9. I can only speak for myself of course, but when I "discovered" them for me when I was 11, I thought they were so mysterious, "dangerous" and probably pretty insane (which was mostly due to the tracks like "My World" and "Get In The Ring", haha). I didn't know what they looked like since I only had the UYI2-CD from my dad without the cover ("Civil War" was the first song he showed me). This only made it all the more exciting for me and when I listened to their music, there were movies playing in my head and it was a world on its own. :-) I never had a similar experience with a band ever again!
  10. Awesome man, thank you so much for the kind words! :-) And also thanks for your suggestion concerning the lead part, I will have a deeper look at that! (oh and by the way yes, I did both parts, but I feel much more comfortable playing rhythm I must say!) Very glad you liked it, thanks a lot! :-)
  11. Hey man you made my day, thank you very much mate! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and think that the drum programming is not too bad! :-) Thanks for these tips, I will have to check them out since I never tried them, I'm curious to see what they offer!
  12. Hello everyone, this is a short instrumental demo I recorded some days ago. I must admit that I have absolutey no idea about mixing, let alone mastering. I'm not really satisfied with the sound yet, so any ideas or simple tips would be very much appreciated. It's a bit of a bummer that I don't have a drummer () but maybe one day! I hope some of you might still like it a bit :-) Thanks for listening! The Cult of Death (Instrumental Demo)
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