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  1. CAUTION (personal opinion ahead) I don't enjoy seeing Fortus on stage and never did. This never ending over the top guitar-spinning... Hitting the strings as if they owed him money while jumping around constantly, combined with his hipster-style and these fucking Gretsch guitars which look as if they were made for church-gigs exclusively. Doesn't do anything for me, I always feel embarrassed when I watch him on stage. Ah.. now I feel better, which is pathetic, but who cares.
  2. I'm so incredibly glad that Affleck is off the table
  3. I'm interested in hearing absolutely everything that was made prior to the reunion.
  4. You always deliver, that was again a great one!
  5. I understand what you mean, but I respectfully disagree. Surely no one can question his legacy and what he did for this band and rock music in general, I'm with you. But that still doesn't give him the right to belittle the hard work of technically superior guitarists, it's disrespectful in my view, and the fact that he's on a "whole different level" concerning status and influence makes it even more pathetic for me, not the opposite. In the end, it doesn't change the fact that he is and always was a great guitar player, no one can take that away from him and I will always love to listen to a
  6. Thanks for the clarification! :-) Damn, what an incredibly cocky thing to say. He's not able to reproduce the complex guitar-work on CD and therefore decides to talk shit about it instead.
  7. I'm sorry, but that’s just normal working practice. In 2004, my boss told me to write a report for a project. That report is still not done today, but he knows that I have to be in the right mood for it, he completely understands. Should the report never be finished, it’ll still be ok because he knows I wrote great reports in the past. Every now and then I let a coworker tell him that I'm looking very seriously into actually starting to write it, that calms him down a lot.
  8. GNR in 2022: Our new album consists exclusively of Nickelback cover songs and we got DJ Ashba back on board. The box-set comes with an exclusive remix of the smash-hit "Scraped". Fan: I'LL TAKE IT GODAMNIT!
  9. Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep
  10. He is an EXTREMELY gitfted guitar player, seems to be a very nice and humble guy and I admire his creativity. But enough about BBF, thanks for Fortus' opinion.
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