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  1. In the case of Frank - I think most people just parrot everything back to each other. There was someone who started it, and armies of idiots followed to say exactly the same stuff about him. Cheap talk, patter and jive. How many have actually studied his playing or his contributions to CD? I don't like his style personally, but the hate is absolutely ridiculous and over the top. I really hate this mindset that there is some kind of an "objective" reality or opinion in music. It all comes down to taste. You can scream "Adler" or "Sorum" a thousand times, if someone prefers Frank or
  2. As long as Axl can't improve his vocal delivery, I really couldn't care less about who's in the band and why. Izzy was great, so were Steven and Matt - but there's no point in getting them back, in my opinion. Izzy, Steven and/or Matt can't save this shit show. Changing the instrumental line-up - no matter in which constellation - won't help. Sure, I can't stand Fortus, Melissa and even Slash these days, but they're not the problem. The problem is and always has been Mr. Rose.
  3. (CAUTION: Black Metal) Marduk - The Blond Beast Love the evil sounding riffs and also the melancholic guitars in the ending of the song. Also, Mortuus is quite insane as a vocalist, although I do not like everything he does here.
  4. That's certainly true and in some ways, I may very well be a victim of said fan-psychology. But more importantly, I think it's simply matter of taste. If you loved the NuGNR-period overall, also musically (CD/Leaks), then I'd say it's only logical that you prefer this era of the band. Sure, this is definitely not the majority of the fans, casuals or hardcore - for those who see the strength of GnR only or mostly in AFD/UYI, it's almost unimaginable that someone could prefer the "other side". "My" GnR is NuGnR, so I tend to romanticize that time period, especially in hindsight.
  5. I refuse to call them a "band", they aren't and they haven't been since this "reunion". What they are to me is a bunch of arrogant wankers with dollar-sign-eyes. Their music may be immortal and always worth talking about in detail, but that's it for me.
  6. The pinball-machines saved the whole year, let's not forget about that.
  7. Where does all that hype about "The General" even come from? I only know the cellphone-recording and the Evaders Mix. What is so special about it, I never understood that.
  8. Matt's book alone was a trillion times more interesting than this whole fucking band itself
  9. Goddamn it, can't a man just enjoy ONE single day WITHOUT a new GnR Leak or song? Quality over quantity I say!
  10. Not even downtuned Baritone-guitars would solve the real problem.
  11. I'm really not a fan of reworking songs or setlists to suit a voice that is gone. In my opinion, they should just stop. They had their fun and money with NITL, no need to take it any further, given they don't give a fuck about anything anyway. But that's just my two cents.
  12. I used to find comfort in assuming Axl's performances were just his late low-key revenge for "Shut up and sing". Anyway - all in all, these selects have been a bit of a downer, but let's not forget about their positive aspects: - There are a lot of people in this band, it's impressive that they all managed to show up at the same time and place despite their schedules - Shoutout to my man Frank for playing with 2 drum-sticks - Props to Fortus for having the correct number of strings attached to his guitar - Massive credit to Axl for using a microphone, that way he can be heard
  13. I swear to God, if we hadn't gotten trucks, I would be really fucking disappointed.
  14. Legit opinion and as you've said before, subjective impressions. I don't think his playing has improved over the years, on the contrary. And I find that remarkable for a guy who has been playing guitar for all his life, for a living. I won't start crying because he doesn't sweep pick or whatever - it just baffles me that there seems to be no interest whatsoever in entering new territories technically or musically. Can't say anything against that, entirely true. But I wasn't talking about his own solos, I was referring to the CD stuff and in this case especially, the TIL solo.
  15. There is simply no excuse for Slash to fuck up this solo or any other solo from CD. You would think that he has some kind of "guitarist-pride". Possible reasons for me: - He doesn't bother to learn it (--> that would be lazy) - He thinks he plays it better (--> that would be ignorant) - He hates the song and that's why he doesn't care about it (--> that would be a very poor mindset to have in his position) However you want to look at it, it's just a shame. He just wants to play the same stuff he has always played - I don't see him as the guy constantly trying to im
  16. Now that you mention it, I hear it too. I loved it before but obviously I had no idea that it simply wasn't such a good record. What a fool I was.
  17. It sounds plausible, but if they really think this far, I can't understand the release of these fucking selects - because after seeing that, the last thing you want to do is to attend a live show of this band.
  18. A pretty laborious way to get a laugh, too. I mean I get the same effect by watching the Selects, but to each his own.
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