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  1. Legit opinion and as you've said before, subjective impressions. I don't think his playing has improved over the years, on the contrary. And I find that remarkable for a guy who has been playing guitar for all his life, for a living. I won't start crying because he doesn't sweep pick or whatever - it just baffles me that there seems to be no interest whatsoever in entering new territories technically or musically. Can't say anything against that, entirely true. But I wasn't talking about his own solos, I was referring to the CD stuff and in this case especially, the TIL solo.
  2. There is simply no excuse for Slash to fuck up this solo or any other solo from CD. You would think that he has some kind of "guitarist-pride". Possible reasons for me: - He doesn't bother to learn it (--> that would be lazy) - He thinks he plays it better (--> that would be ignorant) - He hates the song and that's why he doesn't care about it (--> that would be a very poor mindset to have in his position) However you want to look at it, it's just a shame. He just wants to play the same stuff he has always played - I don't see him as the guy constantly trying to im
  3. Now that you mention it, I hear it too. I loved it before but obviously I had no idea that it simply wasn't such a good record. What a fool I was.
  4. It sounds plausible, but if they really think this far, I can't understand the release of these fucking selects - because after seeing that, the last thing you want to do is to attend a live show of this band.
  5. A pretty laborious way to get a laugh, too. I mean I get the same effect by watching the Selects, but to each his own.
  6. My most favourite album of all time and I'll love it 'til the day I'll bite the dust. (it was also my only reason to buy a Whammy-Pedal at this time)
  7. I absolutely loved what Axl did in "Realize" and how Frank killed it throughout the whole album! Furthermore, I really dig the interplay between Slash and Fortus ("Demon Fire" and "Code Red" being great examples), while Duff is solidly keeping the rhythm section alive! Melissa and Dizzy are quite often a bit buried in the mix, but they're still great. I sincerely apologize for this, I have fallen into madness
  8. This incredibly annoying and artificial "edgelord-mysticism" around this fucking band keeps on baffling me. Even for a 90s Norwegian Black Metal band this would have been way over the top.
  9. I think Slash is an overrated musician. (post&run)
  10. Whenever I hear or read something like "This song sounds exactly like XY" I have to roll my eyes. Not only is it almost never even remotely true, it also pisses me off that they can't seem to find their own words to describe music. Just throw around some names everyone knows, it's so cheap and it just shows that the person does not have the slightest clue what he/she is talking about. Reviews these days...
  11. I remember one particular band my dad really loved, they were called "Big Red One" - it was pretty much a no-name Swiss Hard-Rock band active during the early 90ies. Big Red One - Trouble Maker This was my introduction to rock-music in general. I still love this band very much to this day. I'm glad I made a copy of the 2 albums they had made, since I can't seem to find their stuff anywhere nowadays aside from a few YT-uploads.
  12. Most certainly, yes. Tobias may be unpopular in fan-circles because of the "Sympathy for the devil" episodes and all the stories regarding his alleged poor guitar-playing (for example in Matt's leaked book). Personally I couldn't care less, he helped making CD possible, that's all that counts for me.
  13. No idea how many million times this has probably been discussed already - but did their musical differences just vanish into thin air? I can't imagine Slash or Axl suddenly wanting to play what they didn't want to play in the mid-90's and all these years that followed. Who would even write such a record - Melissa? Frank? These guys working on songs together just completely exceeds the capacity of my imagination. I don't see them being on the same page musically. But they are surely on the same page when it comes to the financial aspects - so who knows what kind of magic the smell of money may
  14. Incredible. I was just about to open the very same thread.
  15. Hey, they did not forget their fans. Maybe you have missed it but they released some really cool pinball-machines, incredible merch and some extraordinary over-the-top-NITL-performances. Now THAT is what I call true love! ... - What?! You think, that's nothing? Well, if you seriously think you can come here and say something like this, then... you are right.
  16. Seeing this reminds me of a rarely mentioned problem regarding the new GnR-record. Slash has to fill this guy's shoes, so he will be VERY careful on what to put out next after this.
  17. Difficult question. If Slash treats these songs with the same respect he had for the other CD stuff, then I would prefer it if they just left it alone.
  18. I'm starting to feel bad for this band. We're such ungrateful fucks. I mean, they gave us some overwhelmingly awesome pinball machines and we still got nothing better to do than keep on complaining.
  19. They could throw in some classic Aerosmith like "I Don't Wanna Record A Thing"
  20. Plot twist: This was a soundcheck-picture and they were literally just "getting ready".
  21. To answer this question, we could take a look at what my source had to say about it: "Love this guy, was quite famous in the 90s" ... yes, the source is my dad and I should stop quoting him. (on a serious note though, I think he gets up in the morning and then proceeds to not releasing records)
  22. Thanks, I guess I'll see myself out.
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