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  1. What will of course never ever happen but would be my holy grail are finished, polished versions with vocals of: 1. Soul Monster 2. Tonto 3. Mustache 4. Oklahoma 5. Devious Bastard 6. Perhaps 7. Atlas Shrugged 8. Hardschool 9. Zodiac 13 10. State Of Grace 11. Quicksong 12. D Tune 13. As It Began
  2. As a former child who was actually dancing in these actual halls I'm a bit surprised here! I vividly remember the o-shaped mouths when the 'Better'-bridge came in and a lot of people got beat up that day for falsely claiming that the song was in Drop-C Tuning
  3. Funnily enough, it's only the second worst. The one in my village uses Axl's first "aaah" from the Slither chorus at Download 2018 as a fanfare
  4. I am thinking about fathering a child so that it can then continue the thread for me once I'm gone
  5. Ah yes, on his way to delete Pitman's parts from CD7 if I'm not mistaken.
  6. You absolutely nailed it in my opinion. In my view, "the internet" destroyed the magic and mystery surrounding music acts. Even the most underground norwegian black metal band will let me know what they had for fucking breakfast today (I'm exaggerating, but that's how it feels). Also, as you've mentioned, the sheer over-supply of music available just kills curiosity, at least for me. Of course, every now and then I discover something by accident, but only rarely.
  7. Well, I'm afraid I love it. btw., on AFD and UYI there were a ton of overdubs and additional licks that barely get noticed, WTTJ is a good example. Just saying!
  8. I just noticed today that there was yet another guitar-layer present during at least the second verse (left channel, very hard to hear). Even seems to play chords over the main riff. That's what I love about CD - the massive clusterfuck it is. You always stumble across new stuff you didn't notice. I've listened to this album an unhealthy amount of times, and I still haven't discovered everything. Understandably, that turns a lot of people off since the "copy&paste" approach of course comes across as soulless.
  9. As a generic CD-fanboy, I of course think the song is fucking brilliant from start to finish. Stellar guitar and drum-work throughout the whole thing. Love how Axl sang the verses. To my ears, the guitar solos/fills are otherworldly and have a dytopian/cyberpunk-type of vibe to them. A masterpiece! ...
  10. If I was Axl, I would put all my effort into taking down these fucking selects instead.
  11. I don't know if he really learned these parts - He probably just stood there thinking "Ah yes, something in A-minor, no problem - I'll just do my wankery here - and here... aaaaaand here. Done, on to the next one." btw, that's how he remembers them: TIL - "Gay Ballad" Madagascar - "That HipHop song" Sorry - "Blues-Jam in D-Minor" Scraped - "That Masterpiece"
  12. Currently I'm playing Star Citizen in order to check out the latest bug additions.
  13. Thank you very much man, much appreciated! 🤜🏻🤛🏻
  14. When I saw the "Some Kind of Monster" documentary years ago, I had the impression that drumming was more something of a neat hobby of Lars, but not as important as selling art pieces or drinking wine. I think the money got in his way. He was still hungry in the 80s and felt like he had something to proof, I think. Still, doesn't stop me from listening to Metallica albums every now and then, I have a soft spot for them.
  15. This reminds me of the Village sessions. Loved both "Cornrows (Ver.2)" as well as "Pork Pie Hat (add.Drums +2db)".
  16. I love Hard School, I think it's fucking brilliant. Still can't find out what the hell the guitars are doing during the verses, but it sounds awesome to me. Also love the intro as well as the short and simple guitar solo. Top Axl vocals too (yes, also the verses). So glad we have that recording, I'll never forget how it felt to hear it for the first time!
  17. Thank you very much guys, I'm glad if you liked it! Made my day
  18. Hello there! Our 2-man-project recorded a little demo - pretty hard on the ears since we both suck terribly at mixing and mastering. Still, there might be a chance that one or the other may like it nontheless :-) @lame ass security - Thank you for encouraging me to post "this fucking thing"
  19. Haha, that line remains a mystery to me too I totally get that the songs don't do it for you, that's completely fine. But it seems it's because of your taste and not because you're biased, since you checked out the leaks too.
  20. Not liking CD is understandable, matter of taste. But categorically hating it because Slash and Duff weren't on it, that's simply ridiculous and downright childish. There are people who are so bitter about the NuGuns-Era that they can't even admit that a solo like in TIL or Sorry is a masterpiece, just because it wasn't written and played by the infallible and holy Slash (and we've heard and seen what happens if the "God" himself takes on these songs, give me a fucking break) Even after all these years, people still are so incredibly butthurt because of CD and it's hilarious and fas
  21. Yes, that was absolutely horrendous. Still trying to forget.
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